Could you introduce yourself?  What’s your background and how did you find out about Elastos and the Cyber Republic?

My name is Boris and I am currently living in Berlin and studying Product Management. The first time I came into contact with Blockchain was April, 2017. I realized immediately that the technology has the potential to change the world and improve efficiency in many industries. But the hype and rise of other crypto projects left me wondering: is this really the time for something so world-changing?  Are we really going into the right direction? I always search for projects I truly believe in and that I can support actively, and that’s how I found Elastos. I got in contact with the team. The project looked huge. It was hard to understand, at first, what Elastos actually did, but from that time until now I’ve been committed, and now I am here!

Since time is a very limited resource, what’s made you decide to you invest your time in Elastos?  What are you working on now right now?

Elastos is a groundbreaking project; it solves the Trilemma of scalability, decentralization, and security, all at once. We are not competing with other projects but we want to work together to form a new ecosystem. The community is just awesome and everyone is motivated to support Elastos, even though the market may be not the best right now. The next months are going to be very exciting for us and I am very happy to be a part of it!

What is your role in the Cyber Republic? What are you working on now right now?

Together with a few other guys, my first contribution to Elastos was within the Elastos Design Group. I was working on assets for events and also on the magazine for the Weekly Update. Apart from design, I also organized a Meetup in Germany during the summer. But designing and crafting stuff has always been part of my life as I started drawing actively from the day I got my first pencils. In highschool I was illustrating things on my computer and selling them online. This got me interested in building businesses which led me to work on many other projects and has motivated me to study Product Management. Since September, I am now the Lead Designer for the Cyber Republic and I am responsible for the user experience on the website as well as other assets you may see elsewhere.

What kind of people are you still seeking to help out your team?

We are always looking for new UX/UI Designers for the Cyber Republic Website. There are plenty of things we still want to improve and the community can definitely be a part of that process. If you are passionate about design, have a strong background and want to help us improve the user interfaces and website experience, you can apply here:

Could you share with us a recent design that you are excited about and tell us a little about how it came to be?

The CRcles are currently the main aspect of the Cyber Republic, and we are working hard to make them better. Our next design steps are to make them more distinct from each other so that everyone feels more comfortable inside their network. You will hopefully see the changes in the coming weeks!

Finally, without knowing who the next interviewee is, what question would you ask if you were the interviewer (without asking “Who are you?” to them)?

How would your everyday life look differently if you didn’t have to care about money anymore?


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