Alex Shipp

Name: Alex Shipp

Nationality: USA

Age: 27

Profession: Writer for EF, Co-Author with Feng Han, CR Interim Council Member

Video Interview:

Why do you want to be on the CR Council?

To contribute to the advancement of the Elastos ecosystem and its processes of democratic decision making. I believe in Elastos’ technology and the solutions it provides for protecting human rights to privacy and property ownership in the digital realm. Most importantly, I am excited to be dedicating my time and energies to the humanitarian principles Elastos is being built upon. 

What qualifies you to be on the CR Council?

I have been active in the crypto-space for 2.5 years, in Elastos Foundation for 1.5 years, working with Feng Han to co-author The Era of Quantum Wealth for 1 year, and on the CR Interim Council for 2 months.

What contributions have you already shown to the CR?

I published Elastos: Behind the Blockchain, produced and revised almost every piece of writing that has been published by EF, and contributed to CR productions as an editor. I have also been active on the Elastos Community Telegram chat, and have attended events with WeFilmchain, Feng Han, and on behalf of Elastos in New York City, Philadelphia, California, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Please give us a short statement that represents your future vision for the Cyber Republic, and how you plan to champion that vision by joining the CR Council.

Cyber Republic will become one of the world’s exemplary DAOs, and will set major precedents for decentralized community functions and collaboration. It will also play a significant role in advancing the Elastos ecosystem and determining how to best allocate resources and build a strong network of partners and stakeholders. As a member of the CRC, I plan to continue contributing my unique, individual perspective regarding ecosystem development, and will avoid becoming indoctrinated into a political ideology or faction. The Elastos ecosystem needs a community of self-aware and objective individuals – not masses of obedient netizens with generic opinions. I will set this example as an active, honest, and authentic individual both in the CR Council and the ecosystem at large.

Lastly, I am working hard to build a following on Twitter (@AlexShippELA) so as to become a public figure in the crypto-space. I believe we must avoid becoming insular and must make strong efforts to build bridges to other technologies, establish connections with other organizations, and appeal to audiences beyond ourselves. This is the only path forward – the only path to growth.



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