Today marks the second anniversary of the Elastos project and the first anniversary of the launch of Cyber Republic! We’ve seen a lot of major developments take place and have gathered some of the best items covering them for you below.

Some exciting events that occurred since the last anniversary: 

  • Elastos started merge-mining with the Bitcoin network (August ’18)
  • DPOS launched successfully (July ’19)
  • Elastos Foundation joined forces with W3C and DIF (June ’19)
  • Ethereum and Neo sidechains deployed on Elastos’ Mainnet (August ’19)
  • And, of course, this week we saw the release of the official CRC Whitepaper

It was truly an amazing year of growth and progress and the CR Press team is eager to see what the next twelve months will look like. 

What do you think will be the biggest aspect of Elastos and Cyber Republic’s upcoming year? 

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