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Biweekly Update [Aug 12th 2019]

Cyber Republic Newsletter​

Aug 12, 2019

Welcome to the latest snapshot of Cyber Republic history!

In this edition, we take a look at sidechains, trusted computing, and IoT vulnerabilities; have a chat with Nicola Zimmerman, the latest addition to the interim Cyber Republic Council; report on Chinese community activities, and more.

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Fortnightly Recap


This week a handful of popular supernodes came back online after they, unfortunately, caught a bug in their setups and were relegated to an “illegal” state for weeks. recently added voter reward metrics to their website, now showing the actual payout percentage as well as the annual ROI for each supernode.

On August 7th, the Elastos blockchain underwent an unscheduled maintenance after the DPoS nodes experienced an error. The miners and nodes are up and running again, and official word from the Elastos Foundation is underway.

On August 8th, Elastos Academy officially launched its beautiful website ( The Academy breaks down all the essential elements of Elastos: ecosystem, resources, community, and support. Elastos Academy looks to recruit, convert, and retain developers through this outlet.

Elastos Academy, the official training center for everything Elastos, also recently hosted a workshop on how to “create, sign, and verify your own DID”. This includes setting up a Private Net and interacting with Side Chains, amongst other information.

WeFilmChain has posted some exciting pictures from the recent Tech & Film Expo. You can find these on Twitter.


Recently, the IGRS 2019 technical group held a meeting at the Lenovo headquarters in Beijing, China. Elastos participated in the conference as a member of the IGRS Alliance. The conference participants discussed the IoT infrastructure based on blockchain/distributed ledger, technical specifications for application standards, system architecture and technical characteristics, obstacles, and future work division.

The companies that participated in the conference include well-known firms such as Lenovo, Hisense, Konka, and Deta Data.

Song Shijun, PIC of Elastos ecosystem development, and Niu Jingyu, PIC of Elastos system teams, introduced the principles of Elastos Carrier technology and international standards organizations such as W3C and DIF.

They also introduced the application of Elastos for web hardware. For example, Elastos has deployed more than one million nodes through Carrier-equipped TV boxes, and the Elastos DID which is embedded in QuuMoney devices.

Top Stories

This week marks a special week in the Elastos ecosystem as the Ethereum and NEO sidechains were officially deployed on the Elastos main chain. For the past two months, the sidechains have been running on the Elastos Test Net, and after many updates and testing procedures, the Elastos core team is ready to take the sidechains to the next level of development.

Both Elastos and other projects that resort to moving part of their operations off-chain in an effort to solve key issues will soon be able to guarantee the data privacy, security, and ownership through the trusted computing layer, this time without sacrificing security and decentralisation in the process.

While the everyday Joe is either out of the loop of this invasion of privacy or simply doesn’t care, more and more breaches occur each week. In this piece, we go back in time to explore a pair of recent IoT breach stories and how the implementation of Elastos can prevent such attacks from happening again.


Kevin Zhang has completed his term on the CR Interim Council and long-time community contributor Ghandi has been chosen by the Elastos Foundation to take his place.


A guide for the average user on how to use the Elastos Block Explorer. Most of what you will learn will also be applicable to block explorers of other blockchains as well. Knowing how to use a blockchain explorer can be extremely valuable. 

Elastos uses a number of sidechains, each specifically designed for one type of traffic. A sidechain is a discrete sub-blockchain linked to the main chain which enriches the capabilities of the main chain.

Read more by clicking the button below, or click here for a more in-depth explanation.

Elastos announced the date of ETH and NEO Sidechain’s release for whitelisted developers, DevStudio hosted the 3rd Developer Workshop and published Spotlight Series 4 on DID, Cyber Republic released two major updates, including a new Interim Council member, and numerous developments were announced from the core development teams.

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