Block Labs X Elastos: Suggestion 164

By Jeremy

In conjunction with the CR Regions initiative, Australian Blockchain Incubator and event organizer “Block Labs” has assembled a new Suggestion. Block Labs is a leading blockchain establishment in Sydney, Australia, that currently runs the largest blockchain community in the area, leads the board of Blockchain Australia, and hosts workshops for dApp developers.

Block Labs is looking to establish a strong local Elastos community in Sydney. The team also seeks to increase market presence, introduce existing developer and workshop communities to Elastos, align and onboard Elastos technology for business associates, and provide services to the current Block Labs community. 

The CR Regions Sydney Australia initiative sets four goals in its Suggestion:

  1. Block Labs will host an Elastos meetup at the Crypto Sydney – Intelligence Traded meetup in Sydney on November 12th. Elastos’ presence at this event will help grow the community and market presence amongst the mix of attendees, featuring crypto enthusiasts, corporate representatives, and startups. 
  2. The second goal of the Suggestion is to collaborate with Next Genius, a local blockchain community, in efforts to coordinate a developer training program to recruit developers to build on Elastos. Block Labs and Next Genius will then attend a local Ethereum developer workshop to promote Elastos. It is hoped that these events attract a total of thirty developers to build on Elastos, with a select ten competing in a Hackathon. The objective is to enter the finalists’ dApps into the CR Suggestions process.
  3. PR, marketing, and community growth is the third goal of Block Labs. The team will utilize their robust network and marketing tools such as social media, email marketing, meetups, media partnerships, and banners in order to expand Elastos’ market presence. Block Labs will look to increase the growth of the Elastos community by 25%.
  4. The fourth goal will be to promote and establish an Elastos Business Development Fund. Block Labs will leverage their business connections in the Sydney region and set up face-to-face meetings with prospective clients and host educational courses highlighting the many benefits of the Elastos technology. The team already has relationships with two businesses looking to utilize blockchain in their respective business models. Block Labs will visit three businesses per month in pursuit of signing at least one to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a commitment to build a pilot project by Q1 of 2020.

Block Labs is highly motivated in promoting blockchain technology throughout the Sydney, Australia region. After learning about Elastos, Block Labs has decided to prioritize its efforts in promoting and marketing its technology to the Sydney community. The community has already responded well to the last Elastos meetup in September and are seeking more events to continue learning about the ecosystem. Block Labs has fostered some unique strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects and will look to do the same for the Elastos ecosystem. 

The implementation plan will be as follows:

  • Conduct an AMA with the Elastos team during the November 12th meetup. This is planned to take place in front of the largest crypto community in Australia while promoting various use cases to prospective business clients
  • Host two Elastos developer workshops in October and November
  • Prepare promotional material for meetups and coordinate online campaigns 
  • Evaluate all connections, projects, blockchain and tech startups that are suitable for utilizing Elastos technology
  • Incorporate Elastos into community programs and work with developer workshop organizers and blockchain educational groups
  • Evaluate exchanges in Australia for potential listings and refer them to Cyber Republic
  • Host events with other emerging blockchain projects and communities to broaden market presence and explore collaborations
  • Grow a large community to host an inaugural Elastos Hackathon in December 2019 or January 2020

Block Labs is seeking a total of 10,600 ELA for the entirety of its initiative. Here’s the breakdown:

  • November Elastos Meetup (2000 ELA)
  • Two Elastos Developer workshops (2000 ELA)
  • PR, Marketing and Community Growth (2000 ELA)
  • Promoting and Establishing an Elastos Business Development Fund (4500 ELA)

Block Labs would like to engage, develop, and build the Sydney community in the way Bitwork has done in the Hong Kong region. Please like and comment on Block Lab’s CR Regions Suggestion if you’re interested in getting it passed on to the CR Proposal Stage.



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