Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Ecosystem partner IOEX has recently come out with their new app, X-Talk, a versatile chat/streaming application which allows friends, family, and colleagues to chat in a peer-to-peer and decentralized fashion.

Elastos Runtime and Trinity Update

The second and third step of the dApp lifecycle is using toolchain scripts in order to convert an Ionic dApp to an Elastos dApp which can then be signed/verified using DID to publish onto Trinity.

Hyper vs Mainstream Messaging Apps

In the world of centralized messaging services, user data and privacy are being compromised on a daily basis. Each popular mainstream messenger app has had issues with security. 

Block Labs X Elastos: Suggestion 164

In conjunction with the CR Regions initiative, Australian Blockchain Incubator and event organizer “Block Labs” has assembled a new Suggestion. Block Labs is a leading blockchain establishment in Sydney, Australia...

Starwire: When Money Moves You Get Paid

Elastos ecosystem partner WeFilmchain has partnered up with Matrix Blockchain and Blockmason in efforts to build an exciting new revenue sharing dApp called Starwire. Starwire provides a cutting edge...

Data Capitalization Campaign, Launching of Leo on Elastos Trusted Computing

Finally, in the closing ceremony, Zhijun Zhang (Chief Information Security Architect of the World Bank), Kevin Zhang (Senior Engineer from Silicon Valley), Feng Han (Co-founder of Elastos), Long Wang...

Elastos in the Music Industry

Over the past 20 years, musicians of all kinds have slowly but surely relinquished the ownership and rights to their content. Apple takes the lion’s share of iTunes profits...

Ecosystem Interview: Shijiu TV

I am Yunlong Zhou, the CTO of the Shijiu Company. I received a master's degree in communication and information systems from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007 and became a senior specialist in browser and HTML5.

Bakkt Launch: 3rd Time’s a Charm

After multiple delays, cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary Bakkt has announced it will be launching its Bitcoin Futures Exchange on September 23rd.

Wallstreet Has Spoken

One major player that has long kept its silence due to US regulations is Wall Street. Many speculate that the first project to absorb that market will be the victor and sit on the throne above all other blockchain based projects. In an almost unbelievable fashion, it appears Wall Street has begun to choose candidates.

Elastos Spotlight Series