Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Biweekly Update [Sep 9th]

In this edition, we shine a light on recent stories involving some of Elastos' many use-cases; get an update on the Elastos Unity project; have a chat with Yipeng Su and Dong Xu; take a look at Leo and the CRC Whitepaper; report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.
Elastos DID Article

Spotlight Series 4: Elastos DID

The internet is broken, has been broken for a long time, and has only the few and far working to fix it. Meanwhile, blockchain technology has finally piqued corporate interest and penetrated the major leagues of tech and finance.

Elastos Unity Update

A summary of Elastos Unity developments from core developer Adem Bilican during the recent Noderators Supernode live stream.

Ecosystem Interview: Yipeng Su

An enlightening conversation with Elastos Chief Architect and CRC Interim Councilman Yipeng Su.

Elastos Leo: World Bank, Tencent Cloud VP, Huawei CSE and more

CR Press' very own Amos T clears up the mist around Elastos' new Leo project, a trusted computing enhancement for the already secure Elastos blockchain architecture.

Leo on Elastos: Community Launch

Leo, trusted computing, and the World Bank; a translation of the recent statement by Song Bao - CEO of Manhattan Project Fund.

Cyber Republic Whitepaper 101 (Video)

CR Press' very own Amos T breaks down the recently released Cyber Republic Consensus Whitepaper.

DAO: Decentralised Autonomous Organization

A DAO is an entity or organisation that aims to run a transparent business enterprise in which decision making processes are enforced digitally using the power of blockchain. With the emergence of smart contracts, the concept of DAO has become more prevalent in the cryptocurrency space.

Ecosystem Interview: Dong Xu (Titan)

An enticing conversation with Dong Xu. Dong is the CEO of Titan, the decentralised content distribution network endeavour.

Biweekly Update [Aug 26th]

In this edition, we tackle the CRC Whitepaper; take a look at a pair of events where Elastos had the opportunity to shine; have a chat with Jingyu Niu and Vegas Mike; report on Chinese community activities, and more.

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