Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MIT Fireside Chat with Elastos DMA and Gavin Nicol

On Sunday, May 26th, 2019, the MIT CEO Fireside chat was held. Present as speakers were Brian (Weimin) Xin and Gavin Nicol. Amos Thomas was also present as a reporter on behalf of CR Press.

The Manhattan Fund

Hi, it's Famous Amos and today we're going to be talking about the Manhattan Project. This article and video is made in collaboration with the Cyber Republic Press team! Before we discuss the Manhattan Project Fund i'd like to thank everyone that has already voted for the CR Press Supernode.

Ecosystem Interview: Yipeng Su

An enlightening conversation with Elastos Chief Architect and CRC Interim Councilman Yipeng Su.

Ecosystem Interview: Harry Liu Interview

As lead developer of ETH Task Force, I ensure we are doing the “right” things for the ecosystem. These right things include developing important components; supporting developers with docs,

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 1 – 15

As an important platform for Elastos ecosystem, elastOS development team (i.e. Trinity Tech team) is actively working to optimis...

Hive++ Update

By Jeremy GEdited by Kenneth KCR Press is 100% community run and funded. Donate through your Elastos wallets by sending ETH/BTC/ELA to our cryptoname, “Press”, and remember to vote for the CR Press Supernode if...

Introducing Our New Translation Manager for Cyber Republic

Dear fellow Cyber Republic citizens!I'm Wang Hao from China. I joined the Elastos Chinese translation group last November. I'm now honored to serve as the new translation manager for the Cyber Republic community.

Guest Write-up: Michael “Econymous” – Resolve Tokens Part 2

The concept of Resolve tokens, “Resolves” was introduced in the Cyber Republic’s last weekly update.  Resolves are released from a smart contract.
Handheld Elastos Logo

New Cyber Republic Forum

Following the important announcement on December 26, 2018, one of the key changes was the introduction of a new Cyber Republic forum.  Launched on December 31, 2018, it is live at

CR Terminology: Hackathon

As there are many terms to such a large project like Elastos and Cyber Republic, we’ve decided to build a growing glossary of terms that can help...