Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Hyper Instant Chat Messenger

Project Highlight: Hyper Connect

We live in world of big data. Businesses are constantly trying to gather data, categorize data, and analyze data in order to make better decisions for their organizations. The IoT ...

Ecosystem Interview: Dong Xu (Titan)

An enticing conversation with Dong Xu. Dong is the CEO of Titan, the decentralised content distribution network endeavour.
Arkane Network Wallet


We had a chance to sit down with Arkane, a new suggestion on the CR.  As it is an “outside” project looking to integrate Elastos along with several other blockchain projects, we decided to ask some challenging questions about how Arkane...

How Elastos Can Eradicate the Rampant BTC Ransomware Hacks

Last month, officials in Lake City, Florida, found themselves under the thumb of Ransomware hackers. After locking up terabytes of valuable data, the hackers demanded a sum of slightly under half a million dollars for a decryption key, leading to a payment of 42 BTC. 

Elastos Fights Coronavirus With Elastos DMA’s Greenpass Technology – By Jeremy G.

Greenpass is in direct relation to the Corano Virus pandemic. A lot of work needs to be done to make this proof of concept dApp a working product, but it offers a unique and helpful tool for Covid-19 and other transmittable diseases.

Hyper Update (April 28th)

One of the storybook projects of the Cyber Republic has been Hyper. It’s a team that has two projects with heavy utility for the ecosystem...

CR Terminology: Daemon

As there are many terms to such a large project like Elastos and Cyber Republic, we’ve decided to build a growing glossary of terms that can help the less technically acquainted understand better what the tech means and the impact it could have. This week we’re focusing on Daemon.


SBHACK19 is the largest Blockchain hackathon event in Switzerland, organised by Trustsquare, which calls itself the “Largest blockchain hub in the world.

Elastos Rights Management Platform Suggestion

A new Suggestion has just been dropped with significant potential and ambition, based on this fundamental question: ““How do we become truly..."