Monday, November 11, 2019

Solving the Elastos Enigma

Community contributor Dylan Hanson explains Elastos and its various components in an easy to grasp and fun to read manner.

Microsoft Deleting Purchased E-Books

After a short two-year tenure, Microsoft has closed the book category in their e-store, April, 2019. Starting this month, e-books bought through the platform will no longer be available to their owners—this applies to downloaded free books as well. 

Ecosystem Interview: WeFilmChain’s Paula Li and Garnet Campbell

Competition in this space is huge but we welcome it; competition fuels innovation. In this phase, our heads are down and we are hard at work, but we are keeping an eye on other leaders in the decentralized streaming space.

Elastos Talk | Meetup with CR Interim Council Member Kevin Zhang

I am honored to be a member of the CR preparatory Committee. Since last August, we have been preparing for the CR election which is going to happen in August this year, including the establishment of the entire CR charter and the current daily work.

Elastos Foundation Interview: Jingyu Niu

An encouraging conversation with Jingyu Niu, Elastos’ Product Team Lead, Head of Carrier and Runtime development, and representative at the DIF and on the W3C Advisory Committee.

Happy Anniversary, Elastos & Cyber Republic!

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Elastos project and the one year anniversary of the launch of Cyber Republic! We’ve seen a lot of major developments take place and have gathered some of the best items covering them for you below.

CR Interim Council Interview: Nicola “Ghandi” Zimmerman

Kevin Zhang has completed his term on the CR Interim Council and long-time community contributor Ghandi has been chosen by the Elastos Foundation to take his place.

Suggestion #181: Development and Analysis Report for Elastos Project

CoinCodeCap, a publication tracking crypto projects based on their Github activity, has posted a Suggestion on the Cyber Republic website. Along with tracking the coding of all projects in the cryptosphere...

Elastos Leo: World Bank, Tencent Cloud VP, Huawei CSE and more

CR Press' very own Amos T clears up the mist around Elastos' new Leo project, a trusted computing enhancement for the already secure Elastos blockchain architecture.

Elastos Spotlight Series