Thursday, August 13, 2020
Microphone Moments With KP

Moments With KP

KP is a known figure in the community for his deep knowledge about all things technical and Elastos, and he is the author of the new technical spotlight series...
Elastos Orchard

Elastos Orchard Update

In early March, Elastos Orchard, the aspiring European business hub of Elastos and CR, posted their suggestion on It garnered a lot of...
Getting Ahead of Fud

Getting Ahead of the FUD

This week there was an explosion of conversation about Interim Council Member Yipeng Su and DPoS Elections. Yipeng was told that there...
International Community China

International Community Events – Chinese Community

The last two days, the old employees of Kortide have shared photos from the past. We had written almost all the codes for smartphone core, graphics...

Biweekly Report July 2nd, 2019

EF also came out with a comprehensive update regarding the Main Net Road Map. ( This is one of the bigger updates that has been shared with the community. CR Press has done a full wrap-up piece on this update.
For The People By The People

For the People, By the People

"I say, contribute today, work today, develop today! For whatever happens with this New Internet will be left to us to decide, as the Cyber Republic, the world’s first Decentralized Nation. Elastos is not a vision of gains, it is a vision that will gain...."

CR Forum Topic Highlights (07/02/2019)

William Zhang has written an article to express his opinions on the controversial cryptocurrency project, Libra, developed by Facebook. He has summarized the following points after scrutinising the recently released Libra whitepaper. 
Elastos Rebecca

Core Team Interview: Rebecca

I graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science and joined Kortide in 2003. Kortide was the previous company founded by Rong Chen when...
Did Chat App Example

Interoperability Between Different Chat Apps Using Elastos Carrier

Every Telegram user is automatically assigned a user ID by Telegram which never changes and the user sets up a display name and a username themself (the one with @ in the beginning). This setup has 2 problems:

Current Events: U.S. Congress and Bitcoin

On May 9th, 2019 yet another storm has swept over cryptocurrencies, this time in the United States congress. Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman from....