Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Elastos In A Nutshell: Carrier Network (Part 2)

There are currently two versions of the IP protocol: IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) and IPv6. IPv4 is still used predominantly, but it has a large flaw. The IPv4 address is 32-bits in size, which means there is a maximum of 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses.

CR Press Official Release: New Publishing Schedule, Supernode, Sponsorships, and Website Updates!

The CR News and Social Media team has been working hard to constantly improve the content we provide.  We’ve added a number of things to...
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Community Interview: Chris Mac

Hi, I’m Chris and I am an Elastophile.  I’ve worked in defence, security, operations and communications for over 20 years.  I studied Psychology at University and now have a MBA and a Masters in International Relations & Strategy.

Biweekly Update [Oct 28th]

In this edition, we recap a recent podcast episode discussing the Elastos whitepaper; compare Elastos dApp Hyper with some of its peers; have a chat with Ben Lee, one of three Elastos directors; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.


Ecosystem partner IOEX has recently come out with their new app, X-Talk, a versatile chat/streaming application which allows friends, family, and colleagues to chat in a peer-to-peer and decentralized fashion.

Important Cyber Republic Announcement

Earlier this month, key members of Elastos and Cyber Republic met in Silicon Valley to discuss the future of our two projects. Over the course of several days, discussions regarding the future of Cyber Republic ended with a shared vision that is clearer, more strategic, and attainable for 2019...

Community Interview: Alex Shipp

I am originally from New Jersey, in the United States. I attended the University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied Finance and Accounting, with concentrations in Quantitative Finance and Data Analytics.
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Community Interview – Martin

My name is Martin from the South of England where there are fields, rolling hills, and rain. Whenever I’m not working, I’m getting dirty on my mountain bike, breathing in fresh country air.

Ecosystem Interview Jimmy Lipham

Absolutely! The Developer Experience (DX) team is focused on empowering developers to build next-generation apps on the Elastos platform. Setting up a “decentralize anything” style application is very difficult, and Elastos aims to be the “LEGO” of developer building blocks to make that happen. 
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CR Terminology: Hash Rate

As there are many terms to such a large project like Elastos and the Cyber Republic, we’ve decided to build a growing glossary of terms that can help the less technically acquainted understand better what the tech means and the impact it could have.  This week we’re focusing on Hash Rate.

Elastos Spotlight Series