Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Guest Write-up: Michael “Econymous” – Resolve Tokens Part 2

The concept of Resolve tokens, “Resolves” was introduced in the Cyber Republic’s last weekly update.  Resolves are released from a smart contract.
Elastos Weekly Report Background

Weekly Report – April 8th, 2019

The consensus protocol has officially changed for Elastos. The ecosystem boasts a unique hybrid consensus mechanism: AuxPOW and DPoS. Now that merged mining is officially open to the public, two prominent BTC mining pools have started merged mining ELA
Did Chat App Example

Interoperability Between Different Chat Apps Using Elastos Carrier

Every Telegram user is automatically assigned a user ID by Telegram which never changes and the user sets up a display name and a username themself (the one with @ in the beginning). This setup has 2 problems:
Getting Ahead of Fud

Getting Ahead of the FUD

This week there was an explosion of conversation about Interim Council Member Yipeng Su and DPoS Elections. Yipeng was told that there...
Cyber Republic Highlight Article

Highlight – Elastos Orchard

The ambitious vision of Elastos extends beyond the modern internet infrastructure. It’s constructed of many components through Blockchain, Carrier, and Runtime that ensure security, a decentralized peer-to-peer network...

Biweekly Update [Oct 8th]

In this edition, we display yet another Elastos use-case in light of recent news; present the exciting revenue sharing dApp Starwire; take a closer look at the Data Capitalization Campaign and launch of Leo on Elastos; bring you the latest, gem-packed Feng Han interview; break down a technical term you're bound to come across; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

Censorship in Sudan

After decades of tyranny, Sudan has finally broken the grip of Omar al-Bashir--only to see the very same military that helped them achieve this momentous accomplishment turn on its people and take away their means to plead for relief: the internet. 

Solving the Elastos Enigma

Community contributor Dylan Hanson explains Elastos and its various components in an easy to grasp and fun to read manner.

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? March 15 – 31

CR Herald published an article to explore a new dApp on elastOS called “Elanote”. Elanote is a decentralised note-taking app on elastOS which allows users to take notes and create a to-do list.

Leo on Elastos: Community Launch

Leo, trusted computing, and the World Bank; a translation of the recent statement by Song Bao - CEO of Manhattan Project Fund.