Monday, May 17, 2021
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Interview with Elastos Co-founder, Sunny Feng Han

In 2017, NEO finally realized that the hotspot of the next bull market was smart contracts and Ethereum. The team wrote smart contracts in Microsoft's common language C#...

Solving the Elastos Enigma

Community contributor Dylan Hanson explains Elastos and its various components in an easy to grasp and fun to read manner.

How to use the Elastos Block Explorer

As we all know, blockchains are made to be transparent public ledgers on which every transaction is recorded and open for everyone to see. While this is true, most people do not have the knowledge necessary to extract this data from the blockchain directly. This is where block explorers come in.

Feng in Vienna: Meeting with Hyper

We began the day with a walk around the office, telling Feng about how we got involved with Elastos, and taking the time to give him some insight into our backgrounds, experiences, and what we thought would happen with the smart-web platform in the near future. It was really exciting to discuss the possibilities of Elastos.

The Manhattan Fund

Hi, it's Famous Amos and today we're going to be talking about the Manhattan Project. This article and video is made in collaboration with the Cyber Republic Press team! Before we discuss the Manhattan Project Fund i'd like to thank everyone that has already voted for the CR Press Supernode.


SBHACK19 is the largest Blockchain hackathon event in Switzerland, organised by Trustsquare, which calls itself the “Largest blockchain hub in the world.

Importing Elastos Web Wallet Seed Words to Elephant Wallet

A frequent question is how to use the Elephant Wallet with the Elastos Web Wallet’s seed words.  This way you don’t need to create a new wallet with....

The Elastos Runtime

Hey Guys, Famous Amos here and today we’re going to be talking about the Elastos Runtime. However, before we dive into all that I’d like to state that my supernode is...

Fear Not Elastonians, Jimmy Lipham is Not Dead: DX Team Update

Seriously, he’s alive and well. Jimmy has been a little preoccupied with his company with some heavy contracting in the past few months...

Is CR Just a Nice Idea?

The West and the East have come together with a vision to become a completely decentralized and yet unified community organization that will...