Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Community Contributions

ADB Business Opportunities Fair

“The ADB Business Opportunities Fair (BOF) is a one-stop forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and civil society organizations looking..."

Importing Elastos Web Wallet Seed Words to Elephant Wallet

A frequent question is how to use the Elephant Wallet with the Elastos Web Wallet’s seed words.  This way you don’t need to create a new wallet with....

Guest Write-up: Michael “Econymous” – Resolve Tokens Part 2

The concept of Resolve tokens, “Resolves” was introduced in the Cyber Republic’s last weekly update.  Resolves are released from a smart contract.
Noderators Logo

Noderators Supernodes Highlight

We are the Elastos Telegram moderators team and have formed a Supernode group for the Elastos Ecosystem. We have created a dedicated website to...


SBHACK19 is the largest Blockchain hackathon event in Switzerland, organised by Trustsquare, which calls itself the “Largest blockchain hub in the world.
Cyber Republic Community

Letter to the Community

Science fiction is fast becoming science fact.  The quality of life for the majority of the world’s population has improved...
Elastos Orchard

Elastos Orchard Update

In early March, Elastos Orchard, the aspiring European business hub of Elastos and CR, posted their suggestion on It garnered a lot of...

The Manhattan Fund

Hi, it's Famous Amos and today we're going to be talking about the Manhattan Project. This article and video is made in collaboration with the Cyber Republic Press team! Before we discuss the Manhattan Project Fund i'd like to thank everyone that has already voted for the CR Press Supernode.

Elastos Philippines

Elastos Philippines participated in the La Verdad Community College 2nd ICT Week that ran from February 14th to the 16th with the theme, “Computing professionals of tomorrow; promoting social good and spreading positivity to our society.”  

Our Communities Are Our Assets – Elastos Philippines

When Blockdevs planned a lecture on programmable blockchains, they approached Elastos Philippines to provide an audience for...