Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Elastos Nodes

Guest Contributor: Chinicci – The Elastos Carrier and the Different Elastos Nodes

What’s the difference between an Elastos Carrier node and a full node? What are the benefits to running them? Is there an easier alternative for running an Elastos Carrier node for the non-technical?

ELIP: Elastos Improvement Proposals

ELIP is a design document that can be submitted to describe new features or a process for the Elastos community.  An ELIP provides concise...

Open Letter to the Web Foundation

Last week I attended the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal where I had the chance to rub shoulders with people who are looking to improve our lives, solve problems, and reframe our relationships using technology.

Fear Not Elastonians, Jimmy Lipham is Not Dead: DX Team Update

Seriously, he’s alive and well. Jimmy has been a little preoccupied with his company with some heavy contracting in the past few months...

Feng in Vienna: Meeting with Hyper

We began the day with a walk around the office, telling Feng about how we got involved with Elastos, and taking the time to give him some insight into our backgrounds, experiences, and what we thought would happen with the smart-web platform in the near future. It was really exciting to discuss the possibilities of Elastos.

Elastos and a Tale of The Great Scaling Fallacy

As the market rotates its cyclical cog, smoke is cleared from mirrors, and a dose of reality hits the minds of most — a sense of serenity and calm is in the air. At least for the developers who now get to focus intently on building, without the incessant noise of a bull market.
The Wild Strawberries Supernode

Wild Strawberry Supernodes Highlight

We consist of three Supernodes, governed by twelve individuals. We are geographically decentralized just as we strive to decentralize the Supernodes we govern.

Guest Write-up: Michael “Econymous” – Resolve Tokens Part 2

The concept of Resolve tokens, “Resolves” was introduced in the Cyber Republic’s last weekly update.  Resolves are released from a smart contract.
Picture of Calculations

Guest Contributor: Michael “Econymous”

“One of the major challenges in the crypto space is distribution. Perfecting it has implications for stable growth, democratized governance, and incentivizing the advance of the industry...."
Elastos Orchard

Elastos Orchard Update

In early March, Elastos Orchard, the aspiring European business hub of Elastos and CR, posted their suggestion on It garnered a lot of...