Friday, March 5, 2021

Cyber Republic Whitepaper 101 (Video)

CR Press' very own Amos T breaks down the recently released Cyber Republic Consensus Whitepaper.

Happy Anniversary, Elastos & Cyber Republic!

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Elastos project and the one year anniversary of the launch of Cyber Republic! We’ve seen a lot of major developments take place and have gathered some of the best items covering them for you below.

CRC Whitepaper Summarized

A summary of the first edition of the official CRC Whitepaper. "Governance is the topic, and Consensus is the mission."

CRC Whitepaper 1.0 Released

Today marks a special occasion in Cyber Republic and Elastos history. Besides the respective one and two year anniversaries of the projects, the CRC Whitepaper (1.0) has been released!

Elastos’ 1st Hong Kong Meetup at Bitwork

On August 17th, Elastos participated in a community meetup at Bitwork. The event is the first of a series of community activities in Hong Kong. Clarence Liu, VP Development of Elastos Foundation introduced Elastos and gave the audience an overview of the technology and recent developments.

CR Region Malaysia at Bloconomic Expo

The participation in this Expo has allowed the CR Region Malaysia team to target their audience: people who are genuinely interested in the solutions that Elastos can offer and can generate potential leads in terms of DApps development, use of sidechain, and brand promotion.

WeFilmChain’s Film & Technology Expo

To celebrate the second anniversary of the Elastos Foundation and the first anniversary of Cyber Republic, Wefilmchain has teamed up with the Vancouver Film and Technology Community to host the Film and Technology Expo on August 10th at Vancity Theatre in Vancouver.

Not So Smart Devices

In this piece, we go back in time to explore a pair of recent IoT breach stories and how the implementation of Elastos can prevent such attacks from happening again.

ETH and NEO Sidechains on Main Net

For the past two months, the sidechains have been running on the Elastos Test Net, and after many updates and testing procedures, the Elastos core team is ready to take the sidechains to the next level of development.

CR Interim Council Interview: Nicola “Ghandi” Zimmerman

Kevin Zhang has completed his term on the CR Interim Council and long-time community contributor Ghandi has been chosen by the Elastos Foundation to take his place.