Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ecosystem Interview: Harry Liu Interview

As lead developer of ETH Task Force, I ensure we are doing the “right” things for the ecosystem. These right things include developing important components; supporting developers with docs,

Coreteam Interview: Ben Lee

The Elastos founding team adopts holacracy. Each team is responsible for their disciplines. Our common goal is to realize a safe, credible, and resource-scarce Smart Web driven by blockchain.

Feng Han Interview

A translation of Blockchain Impact's recent interview with Elastos co-founder "Sunny" Feng Han.

Ecosystem Interview: Shijiu TV

I am Yunlong Zhou, the CTO of the Shijiu Company. I received a master's degree in communication and information systems from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007 and became a senior specialist in browser and HTML5.

Ecosystem Interview: Yipeng Su

An enlightening conversation with Elastos Chief Architect and CRC Interim Councilman Yipeng Su.

Ecosystem Interview: Dong Xu (Titan)

An enticing conversation with Dong Xu. Dong is the CEO of Titan, the decentralised content distribution network endeavour.

Community Interview: Vegas Mike

An intriguing interview with the other Elastos VM: Vegas Mike!

Elastos Foundation Interview: Jingyu Niu

An encouraging conversation with Jingyu Niu, Elastos’ Product Team Lead, Head of Carrier and Runtime development, and representative at the DIF and on the W3C Advisory Committee.

CR Interim Council Interview: Nicola “Ghandi” Zimmerman

Kevin Zhang has completed his term on the CR Interim Council and long-time community contributor Ghandi has been chosen by the Elastos Foundation to take his place.

Community Interview: Alex Shipp

I am originally from New Jersey, in the United States. I attended the University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied Finance and Accounting, with concentrations in Quantitative Finance and Data Analytics.

Elastos Spotlight Series