Wednesday, June 23, 2021

CRC Interviews – Alex Shipp

To contribute to the advancement of the Elastos ecosystem and its processes of democratic decision making. I believe in Elastos' technology and the solutions it provides for protecting human rights to privacy and property ownership in the digital realm.

CRC Interviews – Adem Bilican

Being on the CR Council represents more than just having a right to vote for proposals. We are talking about a completely new and decentralized governance...

CRC Interviews – Elastos Orchard Trinity

Chris, Jochem, and Sash share Rong’s vision for a better, fairer world in which the internet is modernised and de-monopolised. The internet is broken, and attempts to protect individual rights and intellectual property do not address the root cause.

Ecosystem Interview: Harry Liu Interview

As lead developer of ETH Task Force, I ensure we are doing the “right” things for the ecosystem. These right things include developing important components; supporting developers with docs,

Coreteam Interview: Ben Lee

The Elastos founding team adopts holacracy. Each team is responsible for their disciplines. Our common goal is to realize a safe, credible, and resource-scarce Smart Web driven by blockchain.

Feng Han Interview

A translation of Blockchain Impact's recent interview with Elastos co-founder "Sunny" Feng Han.

Ecosystem Interview: Shijiu TV

I am Yunlong Zhou, the CTO of the Shijiu Company. I received a master's degree in communication and information systems from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007 and became a senior specialist in browser and HTML5.

Ecosystem Interview: Yipeng Su

An enlightening conversation with Elastos Chief Architect and CRC Interim Councilman Yipeng Su.

Ecosystem Interview: Dong Xu (Titan)

An enticing conversation with Dong Xu. Dong is the CEO of Titan, the decentralised content distribution network endeavour.

Community Interview: Vegas Mike

An intriguing interview with the other Elastos VM: Vegas Mike!