Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How Elastos Can Eradicate the Rampant BTC Ransomware Hacks

Last month, officials in Lake City, Florida, found themselves under the thumb of Ransomware hackers. After locking up terabytes of valuable data, the hackers demanded a sum of slightly under half a million dollars for a decryption key, leading to a payment of 42 BTC. 
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Navigating Super Node Elections: How to Determine Which Nodes Best Serve Your Interests

As many know, supernode elections are in full swing. This is the first taste of what Elastos on-chain governance will look like, and it is going very well. Close to 2.5m ELA has been locked up for the DPoS election, and this number is constantly growing.

Thoughts on Elastos FAQ (Part 2 to Part 6)

Ding Ning continues to create several topics surrounding some frequently asked questions about Elastos project. a) Is Elastos a failed operating system coupled with blockchain?...

Is CR Just a Nice Idea?

The West and the East have come together with a vision to become a completely decentralized and yet unified community organization that will...

A Game of Manhattan

In late January of this year, the new Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) was officially announced to the community. It would feature Suggestions...