Sunday, February 23, 2020
Elastos In A Nutshellvideo

Elastos In A Nutshell: Carrier Network Part 3 (of 3)

A Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network is a group of nodes that are linked together in a manner where the permissions and responsibilities for processing data are equal among all nodes. In a P2P network...

Elastos Runtime and Trinity Update

The second and third step of the dApp lifecycle is using toolchain scripts in order to convert an Ionic dApp to an Elastos dApp which can then be signed/verified using DID to publish onto Trinity.

Biweekly Update [Oct 28th]

In this edition, we recap a recent podcast episode discussing the Elastos whitepaper; compare Elastos dApp Hyper with some of its peers; have a chat with Ben Lee, one of three Elastos directors; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

Proposal #138: Community Management Team

Elastos Moderator Pmhee555 recently submitted a Proposal regarding the Elastos Community Management team for the English-speaking community. The team includes moderators for Telegram, Reddit, the CR forum, and two community managers.

Cyber Republic Suggestion #173: Sponsorship and Participation at INBLOCKS 2019

A blockchain week will be held in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, from November 18-22. The highlight event during the blockchain week will be the INBLOCKS conference which will occur on November 19th and 20th.

Coreteam Interview: Ben Lee

The Elastos founding team adopts holacracy. Each team is responsible for their disciplines. Our common goal is to realize a safe, credible, and resource-scarce Smart Web driven by blockchain.

Elastos White Paper Podcast Recap

Randall Raymond, a Harvard graduate and Software Engineer at Google, has just released a podcast covering Elastos project in which he eloquently breaks down the Elastos whitepaper.

Hyper vs Mainstream Messaging Apps

In the world of centralized messaging services, user data and privacy are being compromised on a daily basis. Each popular mainstream messenger app has had issues with security. 

Block Labs X Elastos: Suggestion 164

In conjunction with the CR Regions initiative, Australian Blockchain Incubator and event organizer “Block Labs” has assembled a new Suggestion. Block Labs is a leading blockchain establishment in Sydney, Australia...

Biweekly Update [Oct 8th]

In this edition, we display yet another Elastos use-case in light of recent news; present the exciting revenue sharing dApp Starwire; take a closer look at the Data Capitalization Campaign and launch of Leo on Elastos; bring you the latest, gem-packed Feng Han interview; break down a technical term you're bound to come across; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

Elastos Spotlight Series