Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Elastos White Paper Podcast Recap

Randall Raymond, a Harvard graduate and Software Engineer at Google, has just released a podcast covering Elastos project in which he eloquently breaks down the Elastos whitepaper.

Hyper vs Mainstream Messaging Apps

In the world of centralized messaging services, user data and privacy are being compromised on a daily basis. Each popular mainstream messenger app has had issues with security. 

Block Labs X Elastos: Suggestion 164

In conjunction with the CR Regions initiative, Australian Blockchain Incubator and event organizer “Block Labs” has assembled a new Suggestion. Block Labs is a leading blockchain establishment in Sydney, Australia...

Biweekly Update [Oct 8th]

In this edition, we display yet another Elastos use-case in light of recent news; present the exciting revenue sharing dApp Starwire; take a closer look at the Data Capitalization Campaign and launch of Leo on Elastos; bring you the latest, gem-packed Feng Han interview; break down a technical term you're bound to come across; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

Feng Han Interview

A translation of Blockchain Impact's recent interview with Elastos co-founder "Sunny" Feng Han.

Starwire: When Money Moves You Get Paid

Elastos ecosystem partner WeFilmchain has partnered up with Matrix Blockchain and Blockmason in efforts to build an exciting new revenue sharing dApp called Starwire. Starwire provides a cutting edge...

Data Capitalization Campaign, Launching of Leo on Elastos Trusted Computing

Finally, in the closing ceremony, Zhijun Zhang (Chief Information Security Architect of the World Bank), Kevin Zhang (Senior Engineer from Silicon Valley), Feng Han (Co-founder of Elastos), Long Wang...

Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos dApp Competition

Some time ago, on May 17, 2019, Elephant Wallet leader Sjun Song posted an expansive proposal on coordinating a world-wide global Elastos hackathon.

Protecting Medical Patients Data

These titan social media conglomerates aren’t the only entities that are monetizing people’s information. There’s a huge black market in which certain medical records are being sold at around $408 on average.

CR Terminology: API

As there are many terms to such a large project like Elastos and Cyber Republic, we’ve decided to build a growing glossary of terms that can help the less technically acquainted understand better what the tech means and the impact it could have.

Elastos Spotlight Series