Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Community Interview – Wiktor

Thanks for having me. My name is Wiktor, and I’m the lead developer of the Cyber Republic website for a little over half a year, now. My academic background is in computer science, and I have over ten years of professional experience building enterprise applications.
Charles Coombs-Esmail

Community Interview – Charles Coombs-Esmail

My name is Charles Coombs-Esmail. I’m from Pennsylvania, but I currently live in Los Angeles. I went to the University of California Santa Barbara where I received a degree in Physics.

We Are All Humans

This is an article written by Cyber Republic community writer omoemm, originally written in Medium. Omemm is a contributor to the Canadian and Belgium communities.
Jimmy Lipham

Community Interview – Jimmy Lipham

My name is Jimmy Lipham, and I’m a software/electronics/gadget junkie.  I’ve been programming ever since I was about ten years old, thanks to my parents who were very supportive of the whole computer thing at a young age.

Open Letter to the Web Foundation

Last week I attended the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal where I had the chance to rub shoulders with people who are looking to improve our lives, solve problems, and reframe our relationships using technology.

Elastos Spotlight Series