Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bitcoin to fly

After 2008, the global financial crisis haunted people exploited by the highly centralized financial giants. An “Occupy Wall Street” protest, filled with indignation, spread around the world. Though momentum was huge, no solution to overcentralization of credit creation was given--seemingly.

Vouch dApp

Vouch dApp allows 3rd party validators to verify important content such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Validated content then creates verifiable credentials, which can then be saved in the Vouch dApp and published at the user’s discretion. 

The Sword Method: Enter Elastos Creates a Unique Reward-Distribution Model

Enter Elastos is happy to announce our approach to offering the Elastos and Cyber Republic community a fair and sustainable reward-sharing model called, “ The Sword Method”.

CRC Interviews – Elastos Orchard Trinity

Chris, Jochem, and Sash share Rong’s vision for a better, fairer world in which the internet is modernised and de-monopolised. The internet is broken, and attempts to protect individual rights and intellectual property do not address the root cause.

Ecosystem Interview – The Elastos Unity Project

I originally was a researcher in bioinformatics. I studied bioinformatics as I really liked the combination of studying a living system/organism (biology) and dealing with computers to solve problems (informatics). However, my interest in informatics...

Chinese Community Update (May 1st – 15th)

CR Herald published an article to explore the interoperability / cross-chain function of Elephant wallet. Blockchain interop...

Ecosystem Interview Jimmy Lipham

Absolutely! The Developer Experience (DX) team is focused on empowering developers to build next-generation apps on the Elastos platform. Setting up a “decentralize anything” style application is very difficult, and Elastos aims to be the “LEGO” of developer building blocks to make that happen. 
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Community Interview – Martin

My name is Martin from the South of England where there are fields, rolling hills, and rain. Whenever I’m not working, I’m getting dirty on my mountain bike, breathing in fresh country air.
Kiran Pachhai

Core Team Interview: Kiran Pachhai

My name is Kiran, but most people know me by KP. I was born in a small town called Sandhikharka in Nepal. Don't worry if you don't know where it is because most people who are from Nepal don't know of it either...

DAO: Decentralised Autonomous Organization

A DAO is an entity or organisation that aims to run a transparent business enterprise in which decision making processes are enforced digitally using the power of blockchain. With the emergence of smart contracts, the concept of DAO has become more prevalent in the cryptocurrency space.