Wednesday, June 3, 2020

When Apple buys back $100 billion in stock, what is actually happening?

Recently, the Elastos community has been actively discussing how to deal with 16.5 million ELA. Specifically, the question is whether it should be burned or be used for the CR. There is no consensus at the moment.

Elastos Fights Coronavirus With Elastos DMA’s Greenpass Technology – By Jeremy G.

Greenpass is in direct relation to the Corano Virus pandemic. A lot of work needs to be done to make this proof of concept dApp a working product, but it offers a unique and helpful tool for Covid-19 and other transmittable diseases.
EOY Report

Elastos Foundation: End of Year Report – 2019

Elephant Team’s main objective is to develop core technology in order to stimulate the Elastos ecosystem. The team is led by Sing Shujun. They are responsible for the development of the Elephant Wallet.

CRC Interviews: Michael S

Having the opportunity to mold the future of the new smart web would be the honor of a lifetime. Ever since joining the Cyber Republic community about 2 years ago...

CRC Interviews – Alex Shipp

To contribute to the advancement of the Elastos ecosystem and its processes of democratic decision making. I believe in Elastos' technology and the solutions it provides for protecting human rights to privacy and property ownership in the digital realm.
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Top Pick Articles from Chinese Community

Due to increasing corporate data breaches that have occured in recent years (e.g. Equifax and Facebook), problems of centralised storage have garnered increasing public attention.

CR Press & Chill Zone Presents: A Comprehensive elastOS Walkthrough

Elastos is an open source global project creating decentralized web services that center around blockchain technology. These services are free for developers to use to build a reimagined internet designed for the Information Age: a Smartweb of dApps.

CR Biweekly Report | 2020-03-01

Originally posted by CR Herald, translated and edited by CR Press.  Please note: CR Herald, a Chinese news team, is funded by a CR team.

Chill Zone & CR Press 2020 Top Picks (Part 2)

Bitcoin is essential to any crypto investor’s portfolio. It is considered Digital Gold, especially as digital economies become more...

CRC Interviews – Adem Bilican

Being on the CR Council represents more than just having a right to vote for proposals. We are talking about a completely new and decentralized governance...