Thursday, August 13, 2020

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 1 – 15

As an important platform for Elastos ecosystem, elastOS development team (i.e. Trinity Tech team) is actively working to optimis...

Bi-Weekly Developer Updates

Vouch began development two weeks ago, with an early demo release planned soon. It's a KYC app that will validate email addresses. An email validator service matches and verifies user emails and DIDs.
EOY Report

GreenPass Market Development Incentive Plan

Brian Xin of DMA announced the official Greenpass Market Development Incentive Plan on Tuesday. Elastos Co-founder, Feng Han, and Manhattan Project Fund donated 10,000 and 20,000 ELA respectively towards Green Pass. 

Elastos Updates

On the 19th of April 2020, Elastos Hive went live. Elastos Hive is a Decentralized File Storage Service that provides decentralized storage capabilities to Apps. This means no centralized entities such as Google or Amazon have control or a hoard of your data.

The Next Era of Wealth: Sunny Feng Han Livestream Transcript

Bettina (top level) is giving away recipes for a woodland wall: new Dodo Code 6DHYY . Will leave gate open till 6pm ET or when Bettina stops giving away recipes, whichever is first. I'm afk but feel free to drop by. No fee required!

The DeFi Crypto Landscape and Elastos’ Future Role

Elastos has recently joined the REN Alliance. They have taken action in minting wrapped ELA (WELA)  with strategic partner REN. RenVM has built a decentralized Multi-Party-Computational network of nodes that lock the funds and mints the WELA.

GreenPass: Released By Elastos DMA

Elastos DMA is the decentralized marketing framework in the Elastos ecosystem. CR Press has covered their past releases, Choosit and Uptick, apps useful for shopping, merchandising, and ticketing purposes.

CR Press: An OriginTrail Review

OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to supply chains through “championing standards supporting a universal data exchange, connecting to rather than replacing legacy IT systems and ensuring data immutability by utilizing the blockchain technology for (integrity).”

How To Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase 2020 – Store Your Bitcoins On the Elephant...

How To Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase 2020 - Store Your Bitcoins On the Elephant Wallet!

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? March 15 – 31

CR Herald published an article to explore a new dApp on elastOS called “Elanote”. Elanote is a decentralised note-taking app on elastOS which allows users to take notes and create a to-do list.