Friday, March 5, 2021
Elastos Weekly Report Background

Weekly Report – April 15, 2019

Another week in Cyber Republic land means another week of big news and fascinating updates. The Elastos Foundation’s senior members, Rong Chen, Feng Han, and Kevin Zhang, have been very busy recently.
Cyber Republic Highlight Article

HIGHLIGHT: Chris Parker

While the foundation for the CR’s infrastructure continues to evolve, the community has continued to create new content. Chris Parker in particular has sparked great conversation about the Elastos landscape as of late.
Elastos Titan Content Distribution

Project Highlight: Titan

Many are infatuated with the technology Elastos has to offer. The community is excited about the future of the Cyber Republic and its aspirations of becoming an autonomous, borderless society, run democratically by its citizens.

CR Terminology: Decentralized Applications (DApps)

As there are many terms to such a large project like Elastos and the Cyber Republic, we’ve decided to build a growing glossary...

Is CR Just a Nice Idea?

The West and the East have come together with a vision to become a completely decentralized and yet unified community organization that will...

CR Forum Topic Highlights (07/02/2019)

William Zhang has written an article to express his opinions on the controversial cryptocurrency project, Libra, developed by Facebook. He has summarized the following points after scrutinising the recently released Libra whitepaper. 

Happy Anniversary, Elastos & Cyber Republic!

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Elastos project and the one year anniversary of the launch of Cyber Republic! We’ve seen a lot of major developments take place and have gathered some of the best items covering them for you below.

FundMyDapp Round 1 Roundup

FundMyDapp, a competition run by Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos Supernodes, has completed its first round of dApp submissions.

Interview with Elastos Co-founder, Sunny Feng Han

In 2017, NEO finally realized that the hotspot of the next bull market was smart contracts and Ethereum. The team wrote smart contracts in Microsoft's common language C#...

Filecoin Mining and DeFi with Elastos: Summary of the Meeting of Miners

Translated by Joel M Intro by Kenneth K Edited by Kenneth K CR Press is 100% community run and funded. Donate through your Elastos wallets by sending ETH/BTC/ELA to our cryptoname, “Press”, and remember to vote for...