Chill Zone & CR Press 2020 Top Picks (Part 2)

Chill Zone & CR Press 2020 Top Picks (Part 2)

CR Press and Famous Amos go over our top crypto picks of 2020.

The first token is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is essential to any crypto investor’s portfolio. It is considered Digital Gold, especially as digital economies become more mainstream. The Halving event is upon us as well. The Halving is an event that halves the rate at which new bitcoins are created. It occurs once every four years. Once 21 million coins are generated, the network will stop producing more. Historically, upon halving events, the price of bitcoin increases. Speculators are hoping for similar results at the next halving event in May. 

The second pick is another well-known coin: Ethereum. Ethereum is a second generation chain that single-handedly perpetuated the ICO craze of 2017. Ethereum once displayed a network failure due to the popular Crypto Kitties game. This left the entire crypto space waiting for upgrades that would allow Ethereum to be more viable for mainstream uses. ETH 2.0 is coming with the needed upgrades that we hope will solve the issues, as well as a suite of changes that will be implemented in phases:

Ethereum is moving from a proof of work mining consensus algorithm to a proof of stake algorithm.

There will be implementation of the new Ethereum beacon chain which is basically how the new components of ETH 2.0 play nice together. The Beacon Chain will manage the Casper Proof of Stake protocol for itself and all of the shard chains.

Our third pick is Enjin coin. Enjin’s mission is to bring true ownership to gaming. From skins to loot to custom weapons, gaming has long been familiar with the concept of players “owning” their items. In a traditional game, your inventory exists data stored in a file or database. You can trade this item with your friends.You might even be able to sell that item for real money in a marketplace somewhere. However, you never really control the data that represents the item. A game’s servers could shut down some day and your item would simply vanish.

Enjin resolve this issue and is working with some big partners. Enjin has one of the most iconic crypto partnerships with Samsung, and there might be some chemistry brewing between Microsoft Azure and Enjin.

Chainlink is the fourth pick. ChainLink is a secure oracle network. What differentiates ChainLink from other oracle solutions is its ability to operate as a fully decentralized network. This decentralized approach limits trust in any single party, enabling the tamperproof quality valued in smart contracts to be extended to end-to-end operations between smart contracts

and the APIs they rely on. 

They believe making smart contracts externally aware, meaning, capable of interacting with off-chain resources, is necessary if they are going to replace digital agreements in use today.

Chainlink is already being adopted. This can be seen in their exclusive partnership with Google. “Google quietly announced a partnership with the gold standard in the business, decentralized oracle provider Chainlink. The pairing promises to deliver a raft of goodies for developers, supercharging the building of tools that weren’t previously possible. Chainlink will act as the “middleware” between smart contracts and Google’s real-world data, and provide a secure on and off ramp for the outside information they need.” We expect Chainlink to have a great 2020 with all the developments and partnerships around it.

Last is Nash Exchange. Nash “combines the security benefits of blockchain with the speed and functionality of traditional financial services. Our non-custodial exchange is lightning fast thanks to our innovative matching engine – and our intuitive interface is second to none.”

Nash is aiming to be the most user friendly DEX that the crypto world has ever seen. Their interface is beautiful and easy to use.


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