AnyPeer was recently made open source and has seen significant progress. They frequently provide updates on the CR Forum. We have interviewed their representative this week to learn more.

1. Can you briefly introduce your team? What are their specialties and roles?

We have four members in our team: one for graphics design, one programmer, one responsible for project management, and I myself works on both coding and project management. As we are all working part-time on AnyPeer, we usually brainstorm and discuss progress evenings after work.

2. We’ve seen several progress updates in the CR Forum. Can you explain them in more detail?

We made the basic version of the code public in Feb 2019 (, and we welcome anyone to test it out and fork it. In this version, one can send texts, emojis, pictures, videos, and ELA (via testnet).

We spend our downtime integrating group chat functions into the App, and we are now testing and optimizing the user experience. In the last version, for the sake of UX optimization, we’ve included some extra data (to confirm receipt of messages) after sending messages, which has led to improper communications with other apps based on the same Elastos Carrier. We plan to release an optimized version that solves this issue in the coming week. In short, the updates include group chat and compatibility with other chat apps.

3. Besides chat apps, do you have any other projects in development?

Besides the basic chat functions, we are considering integrating the Red Packet function into AnyPeer. We also want to make some built-in games, depending on the technical difficulties.

4. As developers, do you encounter any difficulties when building dapps? What future Elastos updates would you like to see that would help with the development process?

Regarding the Carrier and SPV functions, there haven’t been many obstacles as the codes in the libraries for testing or demo can showcase the basic functions, and we found them as good references. We are eager to see the release of offline messaging functions (Elastos Hive) that better the user experience.

5. How do see the coming DPoS election? Will your team compete for a node?

Hmm… We will mostly likely vote only.

6. Is there anything you want to say to the community?

Every member of Elastos should contribute so that we can make better and faster progress. We invite the community to try AnyPeer when the next version is released and give comments and suggestions so that we can make improvements.



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