What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 16 – 30

  • April 17 – Lian Shi Jie published an article on how Elastos is seizing the opportunity of creating the next era of wealth consensus through digitalisation. The author explains that the progress of the entire world is predominantly driven by common technological capabilities and there are three historical wealth creation systems so far: agricultural systems, industrialisation systems, and digitalisation systems. The process of digitalisation is basically driven by a large-scale computing platform and on average, a new generation of computing platforms appears every 12 years or so. Elastos platform, being a blockchain-powered SmartWeb, aims to reconstruct and put the entire existing Internet under an unified network operating system management to “purify” the Internet. 



  • April 20 – Yi Yi Lian published an article on the importance of Elastos Carrier. Internet technology has led to the escalating growth of new technology trends such artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things. However, the over-centralised nature of these technologies have caused users to suffer from the loss of data ownership, privacy leaks, and even cyber extortion. The author also explains that Elastos Carrier as a decentralised P2P network service platform is key to ensure data protection and privacy of its users. 



  • April 23 – CR Herald published an article to explore a new dApp on elastOS called “Easy Trade”. Easy Trade is a decentralised app on elastOS which addresses the issue where the digital currency charged by the seller and the digital currency paid by the buyer are different, albeit the value in fiat currency for both parties is equivalent in a transaction. Easy Trade currently supports ELA, USDT (ERC-20), ETH and BTC for buyers and sellers to send and receive payments respectively.



  • April 26 – CR Herald published an article to highlight a foreign media report from Blockchain News on the GreenPass app in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. The article shows that the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is working on blockchain projects with corporate giants including IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. GreenPass is introduced as a mobile app developed by Elastos DMA that can easily record information regarding drug tests, body temperatures, and travel history on a blockchain. Please click here for full article from Blockchain News: https://blockchain.news/analysis/blockchain-against-corona-world-health-organization-mipasa-dlt-world



  • April 27 – In conjunction with Elastos being listed on Jubi via community voting, Sunny Feng Han was invited as a special guest on Jubi’s live stream on Tik Tok to share his views about Elastos and its future development. Sunny strongly believes that the future generation of the Internet can enable everyone’s data to create a new wealth consensus. He was of the opinion that the crypto bull run in 2017 was predominantly triggered by the meteoric rise of ICOs on Ethereum network and that the next bull run could be triggered by the idea of wealth creation via data capitalisation and privacy.  



  • April 28 – Qu Lu Qu Dong published an article to highlight that the recent release of China DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) technology for the issuance of digital currency led by the central bank could have a significant impact on blockchain projects such as Elastos. It can be seen that the concept of digital currency plays a prominent role in the fields of political economy, technological innovation, and people’s livelihood. The author believes that Elastos is the new generation of Internet with which its value is directly determined by the number of real active users on dApps developed and running on the platform. 



  • April 30 – Qu Lu Qu Dong published an article for Sunny Feng Han’s interview organised by Finwise and DNA. During the interview, Sunny has shared his views that Facebook Libra and China DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) are the two major factors that could lead to the future crypto bull markets. He believes that the emergence of Libra is to open the door to data privatisation and the issuance of digital currency by central banks is to mine the value of personal data. The future wealth consensus will be built upon data through blockchain technology and the traditional economic models on the Internet platform could eventually collapse, leading to the adoption of new blockchain business models in the long-run. 



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