What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 1 – 15

  • April 4 – CR Herald published an article to explore the new elastOS version 1.1.0. As an important platform for Elastos ecosystem, elastOS development team (i.e. Trinity Tech team) is actively working to optimise and improve elastOS services and is proactively strengthening cooperation with external teams to attract more users and use of elastOS. The newer version includes refining the UI / UX  to strive for clarity and simplicity, as well as introducing the concept of Elastos capsules (which could be anything from digital assets to mini-websites) to replace the technical notion of dApps.


  • April 10 – CR Press published an article for Sunny Feng Han’s interview with Jinse Caijin. Sunny discussed his views that the fundamentals of blockchain is to bring new global consensus on wealth for the benefit of mankind as a whole. He also explained that large-scale infrastructure development and property markets in China are too centralised as these are largely controlled by big corporations and governments, leading to extreme wealth gaps as middle / low-income earners who do not have equal access to the wealth creation from economic activities. Sunny believes that new global consensus on wealth can be created from the people in the bottom of socioeconomic levels once they truly own their data via blockchain. 


  • April 13 – BitPush published an article to introduce GreenPass app, a self-managed health status tracker developed by Elastos DMA. It allows you to record your body temperature and travel records for the past 14 days. With smart contracts as a guarantee for execution, you can choose which third party to share your health data with, ensuring that your data privacy is not violated nor captured by any centralised platforms and governments. In other words, all data in your GreenPass app is associated with your unique digital identity and the vision of “you own your data” is realised. 


CR Press has also released a GreenPass article and video on GreenPass:


  • April 14 – CR Herald published an article to explore Elastos Wallet Android version 1.4.2. Updates include adding function of Elatsos DID creation which supports personal credentials and supporting the binding of Elastos DID and CR website account by scanning QR code. All candidates of CR council election are required to create Elastos DID, add avatars, personal profiles, and other election related information to their personal credentials and publish them. Otherwise, these candidates will be shown as “inactive” and cannot be elected to the CR council via voting. 


CR Herald Interviews

  • April 1 – Bitwork Council Committee consists of 3 high-profile members – Andy Cheung (CEO of Bitwork, ex-COO of OKex exchange), Raymond Chan (COO / Co-founder of Bitwork) and Clarence Liu (VP Development of Elastos). Bitwork and Clarence have been actively working in the blockchain business development space and proposed multiple CR suggestions including legal compliance, potential exchange listing in India and marketing initiatives. The team will continually explore, find, and bring new projects to the Elastos ecosystem and CR for potential funding, incubation and acceleration. Bitwork’s strategies will be low-cost focus on hackathons, developer outreach, funding promising dApps and decentralised finance (DeFi). 


  • April 9 – CR Malaysia consists of 3 members with diverse professional backgrounds including manufacturing, business development and accountancy. One of the team members, KK, is also currently running an active DPoS supernode – ELA Horse. CR Malaysia was founded under the CR Regions initiative, which was spearheaded by Clarence Liu, VP Development of Elastos. The team has also successfully entered into a collaboration with Dacsee, the world’s first decentralised ride-sharing platform and there are several talks ongoing with the local government bodies for the adoption of Elastos core services. 


  • April 9 – Elastos Chinese Community Management team is running for the upcoming CR council election. The team consists of 4 early private equity investors of Elastos, namely Hu Ge, Ruolan, Lao Ganbu and Tyro Lee. Despite the difference of social backgrounds, each of the team members has been actively contributing to the growth of Elastos chinese community in their own way. In the long-run, they hope to leverage on their community management experience to explore the synergies between the development of Cyber Republic and Elastos chinese community.


  • April 15 – ELAFISH team is running for the upcoming CR council election. The team is currently operating the ELAFISH active supernode and is also the developer of FishChain, a crypto assets trading platform with built-in gameplay, as well as a blockchain game built into the exchange. ELA is one of the cryptocurrencies supported by FishChain and players can participate in some fun activities such as mining and staking ELA in the fish-themed gameplay. The team aims at introducing Elastos to other gaming communities and identifying new quality gaming dApps for Elastos ecosystem. 



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