What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? March 1- 14

  • March 1 – Manhattan Project Fund (MFF) published an article about the status of LEO on Elastos in response to community inquiries about their fundraising, allocation of the MPF fund, as well as the general progress of LEO. Key ecosystem development includes meetings with Asia TV and other media players, and trusted computing and data processing of medical data with the World Bank and China Research Hospital Association. 


  • March 3 – CR Herald also published a new series of articles which aim to explore new dApps on elastOS. In this article, a new dApp called “Red Packet” was introduced, and you can learn how to create and grab ELA red packets easily. In future development, a range of crypto currencies other than ELA could be supported. Using the red packet dApp will enhance value transfer functions in instant messaging apps.


  • March 5 – On the problems of centralised storage and Elastos’ decentralised storage solution, this article introduces Elastos Hive, an optimised IPFS service that also supports traditional and new upcoming decentralised storage solutions. The combination of Elastos Hive and Elastos DID sidechains will allow users to realise true data ownership with complete security. 


  • March 5 – NeoWorld published an article on gameplay overview for ELALAND, a new virtual world on blockchain. ELALAND was launched on March 6th and land parcels were auctioned. This article gives an overview of rules and characteristics of the gameplay including mining, citizenship, land parcels, energy resources and building construction. 


  • March 9 – Lian Shi Jie published an article to discuss the functions of CR Council and the roles of CR council members. CRC is a consensus mechanism that enables all community members to participate in community contributions and decision-making on equal ground. CRC can continue to promote the development of Elastos technology and ecosystem, manage dispute resolution, allocate community assets and self-govern.


  • March 11 – CR Herald published an article for Sunny Feng Han’s participation in an AMA live broadcast for Chain Talk on 10 March. Sunny shared his thoughts about how blockchain technology can bring a new wealth era for China. He believes that wealth is not about things but rather a global consensus with trust and credibility. He shares a brief historical insight on human wealth as well as his views on the direction of futurewealth creation and distribution during an AMA.



  • March 13CR Herald published an article to explore a new dApp on elastOS called “Playchat”. Playchat is a decentralised social game app on elastOS which allows users to play fun and popular games (e.g. Flappy Bird, Monopoly, Titanfall, etc). Future functions will be added into Playchat including chat rooms, player profiles, and friendly challenge functions. 


  • March 13 – Qu Lu Qu Dong published an article to discuss how a virtual world built on blockchain is becoming independent of the real world. Many important factors such as mining, currency issuance, and trust systems in the real world have gradually appeared in the virtual world. To build a virtual world, the most important thing is to establish a currency circulation system, which is the Elastos network powered by merged-mining with Bitcoin and DPoS consensus. This article also talks about how Elastos core infrastructure services such as Carrier, Hive, and DID sidechain play key roles in value transfer, network security, data authenticity, data storage, and data ownership. 


CR Herald Interviews

  • March 2 – Mr. Ding Ning is an early private equity investor in the Elastos project on February 28 via ELA Talk – CR Candidates Election sharing session. Mr. Ding Ning is also a core team member of ELA Ruolan supernode. He shared his thoughts on self-governance, particularly on its challenges and implications for the development of Elastos ecosystem.


  • March 6 –  Alex Shipp is one of the interim CR council members. He is running for the upcoming CR council election and this interview focuses on Alex’s views on CR council as well as his campaign manifestos and propositions for CR. You can also hear more about his personal background and how he got involved in blockchain and Elastos.


  • March 7 – Micheal S is running for the upcoming CR council election. Micheal S is the owner of Houston supernode and a core team member of both Enter Elastos and Noderators supernodes. In this interview, Micheal talks about his personal background, contributions to the Elastos ecosystem, as well as his campaign manifestos.


  • March 10 – Tyro Lee is one of the earliest creators of both Elastos English and Chinese telegram groups and has been actively promoting Elastos since 2017 via various social media channels. During the interview, Tyro introduced himself and shared his views on how the third layer of consensus – CR consensus, is bringing a brand new concept of community self-governance and how it benefits the Elastos ecosystem. 


March 14One of the core team members from Ela Cloud – Mr Lin Junqiang, speaks. Ela Cloud consists of four Elastos DPoS supernode owners – Witzer, DHG, Hebei Community, and Elastos HIVE. During the sharing session, Junqiang explained how he has been involved in Elastos. He shares Ela Cloud’s motto of putting users first and reconstructing Elastos’ ecosystem. He also talked about potential suggestions and measures that can be undertaken to maximise the long-term benefits of Elastos stakeholders. 



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