What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? May 1 – 15

  • May 6 – Auto-MOOC (www.auto-mooc.com) is a professional education enterprise affiliated with the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University. It focuses on providing training and development for new automotive talent. With the advent of DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) based on blockchain technology in China, Auto-MOOC has collaborated with Rong Chen, a senior alumnus of Tsinghua University and chairman of Elastos Foundation, to deliver an online course on the history of operating system as well as sharing his valuable insights on realisation of data privatisation and security via blockchain technology.



  • May 7 – XNB World published an article on how Elastos DMA GreenPass app has helped businesses to resume operations gradually amid COVID-19 pandemic. The author explained that the traditional approach used to detect potential coronavirus spread in clusters via checkpoints at traffic junctions, bus stations, and railway stations are too laborious. This problem was resolved when Hang Zhou city in Zhe Jiang province introduced personal health QR codes which can be generated by Alipay. The implementation of QR code has largely eliminated the tedious work of filling reports, risk of cross infection, and efficiency of data collection. Individuals can now use Elastos GreenPass app to fill in personal health data to generate a QR code, which can be used as a digital “passport” to substantiate one’s health status.


  • May 8 – Bi Te Tou Tiao published an article for Sunny Feng Han’s live stream on Tik Tok. Sunny explained that there are five conditions to be met in order for us to reach a new wealth consensus: privacy and ownership protection, value anchoring principle, technology advancement, large scale trading platforms, and openness and transparency of information. He also discussed how Facebook Libra and China DCEP are paving the way for mass adoption of central bank digital currencies (CBDC). He believes that the privatisation of data at individual level will be a catalyst for the next golden age for economic growth in the near future. 


  • May 13 – CR Herald published an article to explore the interoperability / cross-chain function of Elephant wallet. Blockchain interoperability allows value to cross barriers between different blockchains and allow direct circulation. In the Elastos ecosystem, decentralised cross-chain transfer function has been realised. At present, both Android and iOS versions of Elephant wallet support cross-chain transfer between ELA mainchain, Ethereum sidechain (ELA / ETHSC) and DID sidechain. For cross-chain transfer, there is a certain time delay depending on the amount involved. In this article, you can learn how to perform cross-chain transfer from ELA main chain to the Ethereum sidechain via Elephant wallet. 


  • May 14 – CR Herald published an article on the review of Elastos mainnet 1.0 – “Crete”. Elastos development is categorised into three main stages – Mainnet 1.0 “Crete”, Mainnet 2.0 – “Illias” and Mainnet 3.0 – “Arcadia”. The Mainent 1.0 stage laid the underlying technology architecture of Elastos, including mainchain and sidechain architecture to solve scalability problems, Elastos Carrier to solve the problem of peer-to-peer communication, and Elastos Hive to solve the problem of decentralised storage. At this stage, Elastos focused on blockchain infrastructure development, ecosystem layout and community building. Elastos entered the next stage of Mainent 2.0 – Illias when BTC.com mining pool was connected to Elastos mainnet for merged mining with Bitcoin. 


CR Herald Interviews

  • May 6 –  CR Frigate consists of 5 like-minded members with diverse professional backgrounds – co-founder of Digifinex, full-stack engineer, entrepreneurs, compliance expert and senior executive of a securities firm. One of the team members, Joel, is the author and translator of CR News team. He is also running an active DPoS supernode – ELAOnsen. Aligned with their vision of “Build Business for Elastos”, CR Frigate believes that the team’s strong business acumen and connection with government agencies will enable them to gain a firm foothold in Asia to promote mass adoption of Elastos technology via social media presence, marketing and talent recruitment. 




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