Suggestion #181: Development and Analysis Report for Elastos Project

By Jeremy

CoinCodeCap, a publication tracking crypto projects based on their Github activity, has posted a Suggestion on the Cyber Republic website. Along with tracking the coding of all projects in the cryptosphere, the team has embarked on creating in-depth reports on various projects. For example the CoinCodeCap team produced a report and powerpoint on their key findings of the Komodo project. 

The goal of the team is to conduct an unbiased report on the Elastos Github activity to help the crypto community fully understand the project’s developments. 

The implementation plan will take 15 days to complete. Most of the work will center around analyzing repositories on GitHub, creating a detailed presentation, and performing additional analytics on the Elastos project.  CoinCodeCap is requesting $2,000 (1,034.5 ELA) to fund the project.

Thanks to CoinCodeCap for providing exceptional GitHub analysis for all crypto projects and educating investors and crypto enthusiasts on coding progress and development, and a big shoutout to the Noderators for providing funds to list Elastos on CoinCodeCap. This donation gave the Elastos project more exposure to the overall crypto community; it’s much appreciated!

Any community members that would like to support or comment on this Suggestion can do so here.


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