CR Suggestion #100

In the first half of this year we’ve seen dozens of great suggestions by the community—with plenty more underway. Today we’re taking a look at (and celebrating!) the landmark 100th suggestion: CoinHe exchange is requesting a listing fee of 1.5 BTC to integrate ELA into their exchange platform.

Based in Vietnam, this company has its eyes set on the expanding South East Asian region where crypto powerhouse Singapore resides as well. Evident by their direct connection to local banks, CoinHe is compliant to local laws, and they are the first exchange to be so in the country. 

Da Nang Skyline in Vietnam

The exchange has over 50,000 users, of which 2,000 make trades on a daily basis. Besides the value the exchange brings to the Elastos ecosystem with an additional listing (BTC/USDT pairings), it also plans to bring over 150,000 Vietnamese and 100,000 global users through their social networks.

Clarence Lui, VP of development and a software engineer at Elastos Foundation seems to be excited about the prospect of a listing: 

“I’ve met with these guys personally and they’re a great, humble bunch, I believe we need some of these local respected exchanges as well as larger ones to maximize our reach. They’ve also shown initiative on the regulatory front so I am optimistic this can be a good cooperation.”

At the time of writing, the suggestion has over thirty votes of approval from the community, with none against. Click here to learn more and cast your vote.


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