When Blockdevs planned a lecture on programmable blockchains, they approached Elastos Philippines to provide an audience for “Looking Beyond Ethereum,” a topic about advanced blockchain platforms. With Elastos’ Ethereum-compatible sidechain going live soon, our links with the local Ethereum community are growing.

Blockdevs is a group of expert, mostly expatriate developers looking to build a blockchain development ecosystem. We are honored to have been asked to participate in this event May 4th at Acceler8, where Elastos had its first event last October.

Elastos Philippines sent three teams to the previous event, the DISH Hackathon, and we look forward to further collaborations with them, including lectures and hackathons on Elastos functionality.

Elastos Philippines brought in forty delegates from University of Makati, Universidad de Manila, Polytechnic University Quezon City, and STI. We accounted for about half the audience and ensured a well-attended event, a win-win for all; our student devs learned from experts, Blockdevs attracted sponsors, and sponsors received marketing.

Sponsoring the event was South Korean Kakao subsidiary GroundX, a Blockchain Ecosystem builder that is promoting an online hackathon. Elastos Philippines plans to encourage community members to participate in this event to gain experience.

By building an extensive network among young developers, Elastos Philippines has created an asset that may be leveraged to everyone’s advantage: a community of learners, event planners, and sponsors. The approach is unconventional but proving effective and cost-efficient at growing our presence as a vital part of the rapidly growing Philippines’ blockchain ecosystem.

And as a treat to our student developers, we arranged to have them welcomed at a trendy party nearby. Hosted by Preen, the young adults section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a major broadsheet and fashion store Kubo by PioPio, the event featured talks on denim crafts, fashion trends, and featured a Caribbean band.

While some of our geek devs were intimidated by the crowd of young socialites, we reminded them that if they write a great app, it will be on the young socialites’ phones, and that brought a smile to their faces as they eagerly await the next hackathon.


Photo Credit: Blockdevs Asia, Asian Blockchain Review for the official event group photo.




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