Could you introduce yourself? Your background and what you do for living?

My name is Amos Thomas, the Elastos/Cyber Republic community knows me as “Famous Amos” from Chill Zone. Chill Zone International is the name of my youtube channel, which, currently only produces content based on Elastos. I was born and raised in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Ever since I was young, I had a deep love with technology as a result of my elder brother. He was a technician long before my love for technology took hold and I would spend nights watching him reformat hard drives and stress about possible issues with his client’s systems. I came to America at the age of 16 years old to continue schooling and gain chances of greater opportunities. I started college at the age of 16 in America. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Computer System Engineering Technology (CSET), I then graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology at the age of 20. I was recruited to work for a software company 6 months before I graduated.

Currently, I fulfill various  IT roles for the Massachusetts Library System, which is an agency directly funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners overseen by James Lonergan (Executive Director of the MBLC). Primarily, I fill System Admin/System Support roles and I’m also in the process of redesigning their public-facing websites as I also fulfill the roles of Web Designer & IT Consultation for my own company. I am also 1 of 3 Co-Founders to a company called “Overly Ambitious Technologies” based out of the Caribbean that provides IT solutions & consultations.

When did you first hear about Elastos? Did Elastos find you or did you find Elastos?

I’ve always known about Bitcoin, however, I was too young at the time to grasp its significance. I remember trading away tons of bitcoins for in-game items around 11/12 years old as I am also a gamer. In the bull run of December, my friend got me back into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. I didn’t even know there were other Cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin. One day my friend noticed an article that mentioned the “G3” alliance. We saw Bitmain, Neo, And Elastos. We had known what Neo and Bitmain were but not Elastos. We wanted to get a piece of this “alliance” that was being displayed. Neo was already at its peak during that run so we wanted to know how we can get into Elastos. Luckily, Elastos was not available to the west at the time. We then began to keep a very close eye on Elastos.

How have you contributed to the Cyber Republic community thus far? What CRcles are you part of currently on Cyber Republic?

Utilizing my youtube channel Chill Zone International, I have contributed in various ways to the Cyber Republic. First, I became known for producing content that is strictly Elastos related and community-based. My channel is not designed to be a typical youtube channel. In fact, it has been put in place to fulfill a specific role with the Elastos Ecosystem. My channel focuses primarily on raising the general knowledge of the Elastos community on the various Elastos Technologies & Nuances. My aim is to arm the community with the knowledge on all aspects of Elastos. This will allow us to have a community that is informed at a much deeper level, and a community that can extend the reaches of the Elastos Technologies beyond the reach of the core team members or Elastos Ambassadors.

My channel also serves as a bridge between the community and core Elastos team members. I have created a segment on my channel called “The Bridge”. Here, people that have submitted proposals to the Cyber Republic Council or those who have had their proposal approved can come onto my channel and speak directly to the community. Either explaining why they have formulated their proposal and what aspects they think are vital. But, as can be witnessed here:

I also give the community a chance to submit questions to proposal holders or core team members. I am also an organizer for Elastos as I plan to organize local meetups in Massachusetts. I hope to become an ambassador and spread the news on Elastos some day. I am currently part of the “Support” & “Writing” CRcles as I missed the window to enter the media crcle.

Do you have any upcoming projects or proposals you would like to submit to Cyber Republic? If so, can you provide us with a tease and speak briefly about how it is going to benefit the community?

I do have proposals I’d like to submit to the Cyber Republic. Though I am in Information Technology, I have found my strongest skills outside of the IT field. I’ve realized I am good at rallying communities & getting people organized/focus on particular goals/tasks. Thus, I plan to create a proposal geared towards community development. Elastos is known for having the best technology and core technical team. Elastos/Cyber Republic, in my opinion, lacks a defined personality or personalities. I’d like to bring a tangible personality to the Cyber Republic, give our community something they can become attached to, outside of knowing that Elastos can change the world. I think it is a lesson we can all learn from Tron, Tron has succeeded in embedding their logo with emotion. Emotions that inspire change, an emotion that engulfs their community completely. I want to make the cyber republic “the place to be” and “the feeling to feel”. People like Jimmy and Kiran are the Internet. People my myself and Tyler are the world wide web.


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