Would you mind introducing yourself?  How did you first come across Elastos, and what attracted you to it?

Hi ! My name is Romain Camus, known as “Koalid.” I am a community manager and moderator for the French community. I discover Elastos on Youtube, February 2018, and immediately I had to write a French article about this vast project. Elastos goes far beyond a simple blockchain project: an OS that can provide a secure, peaceful internet, avoiding almost all threats. Also, the warm community with good vibes was the cherry on the top !

What roles have you undertaken in the Cyber Republic? What are you most excited about for the future of the Cyber Republic?

I translated some articles, wrote some CRcle descriptions, and I’ve helped organize a few events, aside from my regular role as a community manager.

I am most excited for August 2019, the next anniversary of Elastos, and the first anniversary of the Cyber Republic. We will celebrate Elastos 1.0 and the Cyber Republic’s full launch. After that there will be a highway of development.  I think developers will come when they see finished code, a wide platform, and a large community.

I often repeat to the French community that the code will be 100% open source after version 1.0/August 2019. A lot of people are curious to see it and do not trust the project until they can see it.

You’ve done a lot for translating materials, moderating, and promotion for Elastos—What are the greatest hurdles and what methods have you found to overcome them? Do you have any insight you’d like to share?

The largest hurdle was not receiving answers from the CR when I posted a proposal, which should not be a problem in the future.  For those proposals, I simply chose to do the work anyway for the community, for free! I really like this project so I want to do my best for it. We will see the benefits one day or another.

Next, some people are afraid of the 16 million ELA given to the Cyber Republic. It would be good to have a clear plan to know how the CR will spend that ELA in the near years.

If you want to involve yourself with the core community, act with the standards of a moderator.  Stay active and be helpful. Know the news and the team and share your knowledge. You will surely be invited to become an official Admin and then you can reach higher. From my point of view, everything starts with good, cool, and active communication. Like KP says: moderation is the first step to greater responsibilities in the CR.

From your perspective, how do the French speaking communities see the Cyber Republic? Do they understand it? What steps must we take to include not only French speaking communities but all international communities, particularly in Europe?

I think that the general feeling is that the Cyber Republic is obscur, not stable, and it doesn’t have enough communication yet; so they don’t really understand it. CR is searching for developers, but it doesn’t yet have a good platform to host them. Of course, the core French community members understand, participate, and help the Cyber Republic quite a bit. I try to find active and interesting people in Telegram, motivate them, and give them responsibilities that can introduce them to the Cyber Republic.

A French member (GuikO) wrote a guide on how to “hunt for developers” to bring them into the CR. It has great ideas! We (the entire CR) must create a plan to reach developers in schools/universities, but also in companies.  It is difficult to organize an EU team or event as a whole, but regardless of if you are American or Chinese or European, decentralization is the point. Decentralization is stronger. If we present Elastos as a strong and secure environment, more than any other random blockchain project, I think we will make it.

What ambitions do you have for your involvement in the Cyber Republic specifically?  What do you dream of doing?

I would like to organize more events in France and help promote more to reach big cities and schools. I would love to be in charge of French communities and assemble a strong and steady French developer team this year.

Lastly, how do people in France survive off of coffee and pastries for breakfast?

Oh my gosh!  It only takes the sight of a real French kiss to forget hunger, thirst, and fatigue!!


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