Thanks for agreeing to this interview.  Would you mind telling us a little about yourself and what your background is?  What is your role in the Cyber Republic?

My pleasure.  Thanks for having me. My name is Wiktor, and I’m the lead developer of the Cyber Republic website for a little over half a year, now. My academic background is in computer science, and I have over ten years of professional experience building enterprise applications. My passion is web frontend, but I’ve worked at every stage of the development process over the years.

Who else is part of your team and what kind of members are you still seeking?

At Cyber Republic, we’re a small group of passionate people from all over the world. We contribute remotely in a truly decentralized fashion via GitHub and Zoom – you know, without offices with ping pong tables in them. Most of us have full-time jobs but commit our spare time to the project we love. To join, there is a very little formal process.  You can start contributing quickly. Devs with the Node/React stack experience will feel right at home, but in the end, it’s the code that counts, so anyone wanting to learn something new can also take advantage of this opportunity.

We love how the Cyber Republic website is coming together, but of course, there’s always a lot more to do.  Could you give us some hints of things to come? What are the most immediate priorities that will change the way we interact with the website?

We have many cool things planned for Cyber Republic. Right now we’re finishing work on improving user profiles to allow people to project their presence on the platform and increase engagement. We want everyone to feel at home. Cyber Republic is meant to bring people together, so it should be fun and easy to use. Next, we’re changing the initial experience for newcomers, trying to be a bit less overwhelming. That’s the feedback we got from our users, so that’s obviously the most important.  Mobile experience is also an area that we will be looking at improving as a significant number of logins come from mobile devices, and it’s clear we can offer a better experience for users on the go.

Along a similar note, what is the grand dream for how the website is used?

We’re putting a lot effort to making sure the Cyber Republic is successful because each of us has been seduced by the vision of a new Internet that is made by the people for the people and not a weird amalgamates of greed, fraud, and corporate interests. But it’s not just a quest to make the world better. I personally think the business opportunities and growth potential of the decentralized world is considerable.  It’s important that we have an open and transparent platform to build that world on–a platform where we can build real apps and solve real problems, where we can give the power back to the users, service providers, and content creators, taking it away from the people who have misused it. It’s an exciting journey of hope, but it is also an opportunity.

Do you have any last thoughts to share?

Cyber Republic absolutely will become the face of Elastos in the years to come. I think the team is trying what has never been done before on this scale, which is building a self-governing, public, decentralized nation–bringing all kinds of people and economies together. This level of commitment, to allow the community to make things happen, combined with high transparency (not just by blockchain project standards) is very reassuring when the goal is as grandiose as, you know, remaking the internet. I would like to encourage everyone to get involved; such projects don’t happen very often. Don’t miss your chance.  Don’t sit on the sidelines. It’s up to us.

Thanks for your time, Wiktor!


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