Would you mind telling the community a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan. I came to Australia with my family at a young age and have been living in Brisbane ever since.  I did most of my studies in Brisbane. I’m currently working for the Residential Tenancies Authority which is a state government body. I’m also working on a business outside those hours to promote technology that can create value for businesses and government and, ultimately, consumers. All the technologies we are working with are produced by Japanese companies. So, basically, I do the groundwork for overseas tech companies via marketing, business dev, and pilot programs.

With your business connections in these industries, do you plan on pushing Elastos technology for adoption in their current business infrastructures? Do you have any insight on connecting businesses with Elastos and the Cyber Republic?

Yes, I definitely plan on doing this. I have an ongoing relationship with companies specifically in electronics. I’m also working with an REIT company as I want to make way into that industry as well. I’ve seen projects that use blockchain solutions for real estate investments, so perhaps that could be interesting. I’m yet to make any moves, however. I hope to get a bit of guidance on this and I’m watching to see how things progress from Alpha to Beta.

How did you first learn about blockchain, and how did you run across Elastos and the Cyber Republic? What role do you play in the Cyber Republic right now, and what roles do you hope to fill?

I first learned about blockchain mid to late 2016 when I was doing some research for my business. I started off with the notion that blockchain is good and cryptos are bad. I believe the first time I heard about it was in Deloitte paper that covered briefs on technologies with a lot of potential. One of the technologies we are promoting is an indoor farming tech and I saw blockchain’s application in the supply chain. Less than a year later, a friend of mine was trading cryptos and I started to look into it deeper.  I first came across Elastos via Youtube. I was a fan of NEO when I first got into cryptocurrencies and this interest in NEO led me to Youtubers such as Chico Crypto and Blockchain Brad. They both covered Elastos which drove me to look into the project further. This led me to the Cyber Republic and Elastos was the first project I really got excited about. I wanted to join.

I was part of the Marketing CRcle and I organized monthly Meetups in my city and participated in other Meetups to promote Elastos. I have stopped the monthly Meetups now due to the restructuring, but I plan to resume them ASAP now that Suggestions are open. I also participate in blockchain and crypto conventions in my local region. I’m in the midst of writing my first article on Elastos which I hope I can finish by early April.  I plan to continue doing tasks for the CR. My aim though is to get more involved in the Business Development side as that is what I enjoy the most, and I think I’ve picked up some skills and experience that I can use for the project.

Can you speak of your contributions for Elastos and the CR in the past?

I have done a couple of meetups in Brisbane starting from November, 2018. I did a presentation at the Sunshine Coast again for a local Hackathon community in January, 2019. I met the organiser at the Crypto Coast convention, and I will be attending their next hackathon which is next month.

Apart from that, I have been reaching out to participants at BTC meetups in my area as I see this as a good bridge for our community. I’m also part of crypto Facebook groups along with AusTrader (Aaron) to put in a few msgs here and there on Elastos.

I have been catching up with two devs who have shown interest in Elastos. One is working on a harvesting technology for vineyards, and he is looking at Elastos’ possibilities though nothing concrete has been promised. The other put his hand up late last year but due to the recent state of the CR, it was turned down until things are clearer.

What future meetups do you have planned? And how do you plan on engaging the Australian community even more?

I plan to do a Meetup in May even if I don’t get reimbursed, but that may be the only Meetup I organise out of pocket until I can get funding.  I plan to attend more Meetups by other groups – mainly hackathons and BTC and ETH community Meetups. I will be attending a BTC meetup next Thursday to make more connections. I’m also part of some Australian business networks. One network spans across the following states and one country: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia with New Zealand being a recent addition. I am an alumni of one of their series. I plan to spread Elastos via this network. I may write an article on Elastos quarterly, depending on how things go.

What do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies or activities that you like to engage in with friends and family?

I like to play soccer and futsal. I enjoy going to the beach and I try to go camping whenever possible at a place called Stradbroke Island (2nd largest sand island in the world – Queenslanders are lucky in that we have the world’s 3 largest sand islands off our coast). Learning about economics has become a hobby of mine recently, and I also enjoy chilling with friends and listening to music. I used to play the drums frequently. I occasionally still play but music is something I’m very passionate about.


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