Would you mind telling us what the Manhattan project and Manhattan fund is? What’s the difference between them and the purpose for each?  What’s your role in the Manhattan fund?

I think Feng Han would be the best person to answer this question, but I do not mind to share whatever I know.

Manhattan project is the name of the Manhattan project fund. They are the same thing.

I am the technical advisor of the Manhattan project. My responsibility is to research and give investment opinions.

The website is still under construction, but it will be online shortly http://manhattanproject.fund/   

You can check out the public github here: https://github.com/elastos/WorldBankPoc

We understand that the Manhattan Project is separate from the Elastos Foundation, but is there any overlap? What is the relationship between Elastos and the Manhattan fund and how will the Manhattan fund benefit Elastos? Is the CR going to be engaged with the Manhattan Project at all?

Elastos and Manhattan Project are two different legal entities. Manhattan is an investment fund. It did not get any funding from Elastos Foundation. So it can perform financial profit investments that Elastos foundation should not, though they share some people between them.  

For example, Feng Han is the co-founder of Elastos and also the founder of the Manhattan project. I am one of the Interim CR Council Members and also the technical advisor of the Manhattan Project. That is because the Manhattan project’s main goal is not only a return on investment, but also as an investment in the Elastos ecosystem to help Elastos partners get early funding and to build the Elastos ecosystem.

All the tokens will be in ELA, so that the biggest benefit of the Manhattan project from Elastos is that the value of ELA increases. They work together to build the ecosystem to help the value of ELA increases.  They should be successful together. Again, Elastos Foundation invested zero ELA into The Manhattan Project. All of the funds are from Feng Han and other investors’ personal investments.

CR is not supposed to invest for profit, but the Manhattan project can. CR and Manhattan project are also two different entities. However, there might be some projects that could be invested in by both the Manhattan Project and CR in the future such as the most recent suggestion launched here: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5cea19987b495d00944140ad.

There is no conflict between them. Each makes their investment decisions separately.


Were you invited to World Bank or did you reach out to them, first?  What’s the relationship between the World Bank and Manhattan fund?

The World Bank Group project is one of the Manhattan fund projects. I went there as the technical advisor of the Manhattan project and was invited to give a technical solution to solve their problem.

If you would like to see my presentation, you can find it here: https://github.com/elastos/WorldBankPOC/blob/master/doc/Blockchain_and_TrustedComputing_Apr2019.md

What can be said about visiting the World Bank after your presentation?

We have had three meetings with The World Bank Group. First at World Bank HQ, the second was in the Elastos Silicon Valley office, the third was in the World Bank HQ again. All the meetings were very successful. They approved of our solution and would like to continue working on the proof of concept together.

There are other parties that will join in this cooperation, including George Mason University’s Cybersecurity Center and more.

What are the next steps for the World Bank and Manhattan Fund?

A technical prototype to prove that Elastos is a trusted computing solution that will work and is secure. This will include a period of technical research, development, and testing. This is a huge project, and it will have a massive impact not only to Elastos but to the entire blockchain industry.

Are there any plans for Cyber Republic’s 1st year anniversary?

I was asked the same question last week. There are many different ideas flying around. No decision has been made yet.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the Manhattan project?

Manhattan Project is not part of Elastos Foundation but it will play a very important role in building the Elastos ecosystem. There are some support that cannot be given from CR nor Elastos, but The Manhattan Project can take on these tasks. There will be some opportunities that all two or three of them can work together on. Any one of these three will only be successful when the other two are successful, too.

On the subject of Cyber Republic, as you are an Interim Council Member, how do you feel about the progress and development of CR at this stage?  What is coming next, and what should the community look forward to?

The CRC development process is slower than expected. There is a chance that we cannot deliver the technical pieces of the CRC by Aug 2019 according to the core development team. We really wanted the voting and automatic decision making process to be done as soon as possible. But until then, we have to go through a manual process which is slow and inefficient. This causes some delays in decision making. Please understand that all of our three Interim members have full-time jobs and are working on CR as part-time volunteers. We are doing our best in building our community. This is not as easy as most people think.

CRC refers to “Cyber Republic Consensus”. It is a computer software running on top of existing Elastos blockchain. It replaces human operations in voting and the release of funding. All of the council members could use the software (mainly on mobile phone or web) to vote yes or no to community proposals. The voting process and impeachment could be done online and automatically as well. This process is very similar to DPoS. Everyone would use their Elastos wallet to vote for supernodes as well as CR council members. When someone is elected as a council member, his wallet will automatically have the feature to vote yes or no to existing community proposals. If a proposal gets approved by the majority of council members, the proposal would be passed and funds would be released. Everything is done automatically on the blockchain. This was designed in Jan 2019 and it is currently under development by the Elastos core team.

Note: All my answers are only “as is” and “so far”. Everything changes very fast.


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