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Originally posted by CR Herald, translated and edited by CR Press.  Please note: CR Herald, a Chinese news team, is funded by a CR team.  Over the last year, significant portions of their material was created by the CR Press, and credit was at times stripped from CR Press and reprinted as their own. The CR Herald team is using our materials without permission and receiving payment for it.

Thus, to the CR members funding the CR Herald: if you wish to use our materials, please include us in your proposals, or you are explicitly not given permission to publish, translate, or use the materials in any capacity until an agreement is made.

In line with the CR elections, in this edition we’ve included interviews of CR candidates, select CR suggestions and proposals that have been hotly discussed, and, in order to provide better communication for friends abroad, an english version will appear on CR Herald’s Medium.

Community News

  • Elastos Academy’s dApp was released on the elastOS browser, with 250 downloads the first day of release. They upgraded the dApp on February 14 with upgrades like earning points by completing challenges, competing with friends, and chatting through a completely private and encrypted chat. There are also guild functions made available.
  • FundMyDapp winner-Devault has updated their project’s progress. The February development plan is:

– Major UI redesign (end to end)
– Redesign implementation (Already completed)
– Additional functions (complete)
– Improved local storage encryption method (complete)
– PlayStore Alpha version (to be approved)
– iOS build application submission (in progress)

– Website redesign

Devault is a blockchain-based anti-theft multi-database system, supported by the Elastos ETH sidechain. Devault aims to be an indispensable tool in today’s world. It can protect data through multiple layers, thereby preventing systems from being hacked, protecting digital assets and data from digital theft. The Devault system is built on a “Proof of Authentication” model. The owner must only remember their pass phrase generated during the account setup process.

Video Introduction:

Chinese community

  • On February 13th, the Elastos Talk event invited Mr. Zhang Yuxin, the head of the Elastos’ IoT ecosystem, to share.
  • February 14th, the “Elastos Talk-CR Member Elections” event officially kicked off. CR Council candidates will be invited to speak regularly. Through “Elastos Talk-CR Member Elections”, you can learn about the candidates, their plans, and their ideas for Elastos’ development. 

The first event honored Mr. Feng Zhang who is currently a member of the CR Interim Council. He will participate in the election. He shared his personal ideas with community members which he calls, “The four dimensions of governance on the CR chain”.

Details of the purchase of materials by Elastos community affected areas

  • February 21, Mr. Zhang Qing, general manager of CR Chinese Community and CR Council Candidate gave a talk on the topic of “Elastos and CR’s On-chain Governance Drives Globalization of a Digital Economy”. He spoke of how currency has evolved, the digital economy, and ELA’s contribution to this digital economy.

Developers and ecology

Elastos decentralized browser elastOS is released and has exceeded 10,000+ downloads since it was released 40 days ago. ElastOS integrates the underlying code services provided by Elastos and combines them into a framework for use by dApp developers. Dapp developers only need to use the ionic javascript framework to write their own applications. At the same time, elastOS also provides a decentralized wallet compatible with all of Elastos’ infrastructure. This wallet helps users initiate payments through the ELA main chain and DID side chain, and it allows third-party applications to easily integrate and request payment authorizations. elastOS is like a secure channel for running code and storing data, using joint mining to take advantage of Bitcoin’s huge hashing power to protect its network. Therefore, any code that runs directly on the blockchain is incredibly secure–whether it is used to send ELA or run Ethereum smart contracts or NEO smart contracts on the corresponding Elastos sidechains.

As Elastos governance enters its new stage. After more than a year of preparations, everything is ready and completed. The CR website is functional, including CR suggestions, proposals, forums, and reports. There are currently 147 community proposals on the CR website.

The latest version of Elastos Wallet will support CR election voting, at which time the CR elections will officially begin. Members of the community interested in participating can begin their campaigning. Community candidates should elaborate on their personal opinions and related experience and abilities through CR forums and various community channels to demonstrate to the community governance concepts and commitment.


Reference articles:

Reference articles:

* Ultimate operating system: Elastos decentralized browser elastOS release first experience

* Come to elastOS and easily build dApps together

* elastOS makes building dApps so easy

* Explore elastOS: What is elastOS?

* Explore elastOS: DID dApp

Hot suggestions and proposals

#191 suggestion: Locket Locket is an online social dApp which proposes to utilize Elastos’ DIDs in its dApp. At the CR Council meeting, Su Yipeng states that he believes this dApp is very suitable for Elastos according to the suggestion. Alex Shipp believes that the existing use case and strong marketing opportunity of Elastos technology is valuable which may benefit Elastos in marketing and promotion. Alex has established contact with the “suggestion” author and the team, and discussions are ongoing.

# 228 suggestion: Starwire                        

Starwire team is trying to go directly to filmmakers and musicians through its platform. They propose creating a reliable minimum viable product that benefits the community for better sustainability.

Su Yipeng expressed concern about how the team will implement the project. He sees Starwire and Matrix as shareholders and wants to learn more about the development team. He believes that the team needs a deeper understanding of Elastos technology, and he is also trying to better adapt Elastos technology to Starwire’s value proposition. Alex Shipp mentioned that even if Starwire is not committed to using Elastos’ core technology, he believes that the project still has many advantages, especially in terms of its plan to develop SCB (smart contract building) tools with service potential for many other dApps built on the Elastos ecosystem. Su Yipeng plans to study the deliverables and their milestones in depth and would like to discuss them further.

CR campaign dynamics

So far, 18 candidates have participated in the voting, including 11 in the Chinese community and 7 in the overseas community.* https: //

Interview with Adem Bilican by CR Press


Adem Bilican

Age: 34

Nationality: France & Turkey

Occupation: Independent Developer


  1. Why are you joining the CR Committee?

To me, entering the CR committee means not only the right to vote on proposals, but is talking about a brand new, decentralized governance system that will play a role in the development of the Elastos project and the overall blockchain technology Important role. I believe that the CR Committee has undeniable power and should be used to further advance the field. Therefore, I want to join this organization, shape the future of Elastos, and strive to invest in everything necessary to achieve this goal.

  1. Why are you eligible to become a CR member?

I have many years of development experience and I have participated in several other blockchain-related projects. My main focus is developing mobile applications for blockchain projects. I think that the ideal large-scale application for all of us will be realized through mobile platforms. Therefore, I will go all out to create useful mobile dApps so that people can use them daily without any knowledge of blockchain technology. Elastos has amazing technology, now is the time for us to shine!

  1. What contribution did you make to CR?

I am the lead developer of the Elastos Unity project. The proposal was submitted last year and was approved by the council. Therefore, I already have some experience in writing recommendations and communicating with CR and PM assigned to our projects. Elastos Unity has laid the foundation for developers to introduce their existing (or new) applications in Elastos. Also, I recently started working on Elabox, a small plug-and-play solution that runs your own Elastos node at home. This small machine will help strengthen the network and spread information about Elastos. In addition to being a complete Elastos node, Elabox will also run DID and Token sidechains and the Carrier network. Users will then be able to use their own nodes in each application connected to the blockchain without having to trust any third-party services.

  1. Please briefly explain your vision for the future of CR and how you intend to defend it by joining the CR committee.

By being elected as a member of the CR Committee, we will enter a new era in the future of DAO. With the power of CR, we can shape the future of Elastos and blockchain technology. To achieve this, we need to attract more developers to the project. To that end, I want to highlight the “proposal” part of the CR, which I think is still little known outside our own community. By making people aware of the “Proposal” section, we will attract more active developers to the project.In addition, I would like to provide research funding for the academic development of Elastos.If we want to reach the point where states use Elastos, then we must also have a place in academia, such as the opportunity to work with well-known universities to obtain a doctorate.

Update: If you would like to read the CR Herald’s English version, you can do so here:


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