Elastos Orchard for Council
By CR Press

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  1. How would you describe your first year on the CR Council? What things have you learned over the last year? Is there anything you would do differently?


    We’ve enjoyed our first year on the CR council; it was a huge privilege to have been voted in by the community, and we feel like we’ve done our best to represent Elastos’ best interests.

    We’ve learnt the importance of communication and working together to achieve goals and, more than anything, the need for all council members to vote.

    The overall consensus is made much worse when members simply don’t vote, especially as it takes time and work for a proposer suggestions to get to the final stage.

    We have appreciated the benefit of working together as a team of three on the council. This is because we have to find consensus ourselves, challenging each other’s views, and keeping track of time. We’ve learned how important the role of being a CR member is, how it can affect community sentiment, and the need to always listen to the community and support them on every step of the journey. Without community, Elastos would be nothing.


  2. Would you say the design of Suggestions and Proposals has been effective? What could be improved?


    As far as the filtering system goes, it has been effective in bringing the most important proposals to the CR Councils attention and getting consensus. Signing up and posting a suggestion isn’t always easy, and there should be more tutorials and support available. If I come across the Cyber Republic page, how easy is it for me to post a suggestion? Currently, it’s quite difficult. We must focus on removing this point of friction.


  3. What contributions to the Elastos ecosystem as a whole have you made that you’re particularly proud of this last year?


    Orchard played a large part in the 1631 burn, writing the proposal which, after being passed, led to the removal of a large amount of unreleased supply. We led the conversation on turning ELA into a deflationary asset, with a detailed CR suggestion on why this was so important and helped spark the conversation that led to the final passed proposal from Yipeng.

    Orchard has worked closely with these teams and partners, supporting and turning the following into proposals:

    Hyper’s Instant Messenger
    Starwire Smart Contract Builder
    DMA’s NFT Marketplace

    Orchard put forward a suggestion ourselves which formed the Elastos Guardians, a dedicated team who continue to help moderate the telegram channels for free.

    We also worked for a year on building a relationship with the European Football Agents Association (EFAA) and Mission89, an NGO dedicated to fighting human trafficking in sports, to use Elastos DIDs and work towards creating a Sports Passport. You can read the full proposal here which was recently passed.

    Orchard otherwise supported;
    elastos.info, working together in private and supporting PR & Marketing Agency suggestions
    Chainlink integration on Elastos
    Adding liquidity on Uniswap
    Listing ELA on Bittrex


  4. What Proposals that passed the prior year made the most impact to the Elastos ecosystem?


    We believe both the burn and turning ELA deflationary are the most significant decisions to have been made this year from the 1st year council. By tackling the amount of uncirculated supply that risked diluting the supply, and by helping play a part in making ELA scarce with a 28.2million total supply by 2105 (as opposed to an annual increase of 1.32million, indefinitely), we believe these proposals have helped shape the tokenomics of Elastos for years to come.


  5. Why should the community vote for you?


    Orchard has a 100% voting record. We’ve never missed a single vote and believe that this is the most important role of a council member. We promise to continue to serve the community and will always aim to bring opportunities to the Elastos ecosystem. The community should vote for us because we care deeply about the future of Web 3.0 and believe Elastos will change the world in a profoundly meaningful way. These initial steps of maturity need people who will protect Elastos tooth and nail. Vote Orchard!


  6. What is your vision is for the maturing Cyber Republic this upcoming year? What is your ambition for the Cyber Republic?


    With tokenomics now looking much stronger, we hope to start seeing the Cyber Republic grow and engage with thought leaders from all across the world. To grow, we need to see adoption, and where Elastos stands out at this moment is in the space of Digital Identities as the first important building block of Web 3.0. We must continue to support teams and ideas utilizing this technology, and we must continue to grow use-cases and solutions which lead to real-world adoption.

    We also would like to see more digital media and marketing efforts to push the Web 3.0 narrative and are happy to support proposals aimed at building on and growing the Elastos Smartchain. We always welcome more exchanges and hope to see more tier-one listings take place this year.


  7. Are there near-term Suggestions, Proposals, or plans already in progress that you can share about that you are particularly excited for?


    We are in the process of building Cordial, a knowledge marketplace where users can share knowledge, get paid, and empower the world (cordial.world). We would like to bring staking opportunities for an ELA pair via a CRC proposal. We otherwise are looking forward to an upcoming proposal that will be tackling our DPOS Supernode and staking model.


  8. Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you?


    We do not yet know the full extent of the candidates, but we would like to see more representation and diversity on the Council.

    We have heard that Brittany Kaiser and Jen Zhu have indicated they might stand and we would certainly support this – and it would be great if Shelia Warren from WEF would bring in her expertise and strategic connections too.

    At an individual level, it is hard to comment on anyone because we have been impressed by all those with whom we have regular contact.The best Council members are those who present thoughtful challenge to the EF and community, but also are open-minded to new ideas and can be persuaded by data and logic. We have been particularly impressed with Strawberries as a team for their insight, objectivity, and questioning culture.

    Given our own experience on the council, we believe teams are the way forward for the reasons explained in Question 1.

    At an individual level, we would like to endorse Witzer. He has a background in finance, a great voting track record, and he has helped inspire us on both the burn and deflationary model topics. As a member from Asia, we can see he is very passionate about the Elastos vision, and we hope to see him run again.


  9. Is there anything you would like to share or talk about to the community?


    We would like to thank all those who voted for us and our loyal supporters for allowing us to represent you on the 1st year Cyber Republic Council. It has been an honour and a privilege; we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    We are pleased to be standing for a second term to continue to promote the Elastos vision, listen to and represent the community, and drive forward the extraordinary benefits of a true Web 3.0 together.

    Onwards, Upwards, Elastos!


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