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CR Council Candidate Interview: Info Bros


1) What made you two decide to team up and run as a team together for Council?

We found that we agreed on many matters and issues within the community, and we decided to collaborate and run on a joint platform because we also cover one another’s blind spots effectively. 

While Alex is more geared toward financial and economic matters, TI possesses more technical depth. Together, we complement one another effectively and contribute more to the Council as a team than as individuals.

Ultimately, CR needs to bring in new names and faces, and by running together, we open up a seat for a new Council member that may be entering our ecosystem for the first time.

2) How would you describe your first year on the CR Council? What things have you learned over the last year? Is there anything you would do differently?

Our first year working alongside other Council members was a year of challenges and great learning. On the one hand, all of the conflicts that arose between western and eastern Council members and parties were to be expected, and we all did an excellent job of remaining objective and respectful and engaging in conscious debate.

We anticipate continued disagreement and conflicting perspectives to emerge going forward, as that is natural in any open, decentralized, and diverse community.

That being said, our Council was able to collaborate effectively. We are proud to have made significant tokenomic modifications to implement a sound, deflationary tokenomic model that benefits current community members and ELA tokenholders.

3) Would you say the design of Suggestions and Proposals, and the CRC in general, has been effective? What could be improved?

First and foremost, our entire community must recognize that our DAO is one of the most advanced and forward-thinking in the entire crypto-space. The challenges we have and are currently experiencing in streamlining processes and collaborating effectively are incredibly challenging because we operate in uncharted waters; we are first movers in a space defined by experimental technology with unprecedented disruptive potential.

That being said, there has been a lot of difficulty getting Proposals passed due to the negligence of Council members that have forgotten to vote. As ecosystem representatives, we all must be accountable regarding our voting responsibilities.

Secondly, there have been several challenges pertaining to the detailing of Proposals. At times, there is simply not sufficient detail as far as implementation is concerned, making it difficult for us as a Council to allocate community funds. Going forward, we would like to see structured, detailed Proposals coming in as often as possible. 

Yipeng Su’s tokenomic modification proposal (proposal 36) was symbolic of the detail and that we would like to see going forward; his Proposal was detailed and concise.

4) What contributions to the Elastos ecosystem as a whole have you made? What does your unique background lend to the CR Council?

As members of EF’s western team for almost three years now, we bring a wealth of experience to the Council, as we have witnessed and contributed to the growth of Elastos since its early days. 

Having spent time with EF’s eastern and western team members, in addition to the current members of the CR Council, we understand the various perspectives that make up our community, and we have formed strong relationships with individuals throughout the Elastos ecosystem as well.

Thus, besides the wealth of experience, we bring to the Council, we are well poised to facilitate communications and reduce friction between the CR Council and EF.

5) Why should the community vote for you? Please share your near-term goals for the CR.

In addition to being long-time members of the Elastos ecosystem, members of EF, and key members of the Elastos Info team, both of us bring a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to the Council. 

As we are now running together on a joint platform, we will bring our collective wisdom together to cast one vote so as to make space for more individuals with great minds and diverse backgrounds to join the Council.

6) Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you?

Although we are disappointed to see Jen Zhu rescind her candidacy, we are very excited to welcome Brittany Kaiser in running for Council, given both her breadth of experience in data ownership space and her role as an established public figure.

Although she is not as well versed in Elastos technologies and the crypto-space as other candidates, she contributes a major element of diversity to our Council. She will bring in new members to our community who otherwise may not have discovered our project.

7) Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, we would like to emphasize that we are pro-development – that is, pro-spending. Although the markets have been cooling off across the board, the crypto-space remains in a phase of significant growth. Opportunities abound to form partnerships, develop innovative applications, and push toward adoption in the near term.

Although there will be many risks along the way – and we absolutely will be vetting every development Proposal intensively – we believe it is time to pass more Proposals to advance our ecosystem. 

We were very successful passing Proposals related to tokenomic modifications in the year past; now, we want to pass Proposals that deal with where we want Elastos to be six months, one year, five years down the road.

Community members that want CR to minimize spending should be fully aware that we want to say “Yes” to Hyper, NFTs, and other unique applications and use case scenarios that deserve a place in the Elastos ecosystem.

In short, while we do believe in the long-term trajectory of the Elastos ecosystem, we are focused on creating change and picking up traction in the present.


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