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CR Council Candidate Interview: The Strawberry Council

1. How would you describe your first year on the CR Council?
The Strawberry Council had a very successful first-year term on the CRC with a 100% voting record.  We have striven to be open-minded and willing to consider any and all strategic initiatives that may increase developer and user adoption of Elastos.  
2. What things have you learned over the last year?
Even though the Strawberry Council is a team of four like-minded community members with a shared vision to support Elastos ecosystem growth, we are all passionate individuals who have had different ideas on how to best support that vision.  We have learned the importance of understanding and respecting each of our unique perspectives and communicating with other CR Council members, which has allowed us to reach a more informed decision before casting our votes.
3. Is there anything you would do differently?
The Strawberry Council is a firm believer that communication and attempts to understand differing viewpoints are necessary in order to be as educated as possible when voting on proposals.

 Although the Strawberry Council has actively participated in a WeChat group that includes both Eastern and Western community CR Council members, we believe more efforts to improve communication with the community such as Clubhouse, Telegram, Twitter, and other social media options are beneficial.
4. Would you say the design of Suggestions and Proposals, and the CRC in general, has been effective? What could be improved? 
The Strawberry Council sees the overall process as being generally effective, although we believe that the process of submitting Suggestions could be more user-friendly.

Additionally, it was unfortunate that some quality proposals would have passed (such as DMA’s NFT proposal) due to “technical difficulties” or failure of some Council member’s failure to vote.  

The current voting mechanism considers “abstain” and “failure to vote” as a “no” vote.  One potential area for improvement would be to change the required 2/3 “yes” votes from a required 8 “yes” votes to 2/3 of the total votes cast excluding “abstain.”  This would allow for fairer consideration for those taking the time and effort to create Suggestions and Proposals.
5. What contributions to the Elastos ecosystem as a whole have you made? What does your unique background lend to the CR Council?
The Strawberry Council is a team of four that includes business owners with leadership backgrounds and a senior-level graphic designer recognized in several prominent publications, which has provided Graphic Support for Elastos developer teams, including ELAbox, Starfish Labs, FilDa, and for the entire Elastos community for over three years.
6. Why should the community vote for you? Please share your near-term goals for the CR.
The Strawberry Council believes in the vision of Elastos.  We believe it is a vision that can be embraced and adopted by the masses.  The Strawberry Council believes that business development is essential for both technical development and community growth.  Prioritizing proposals with business development focus from key players in the blockchain community will be vital.
7. Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you? 
The Strawberry Council appreciates the passion and commitment of many first-term CR Council members, including Feng Han and Orchard Trinity. We also emphatically endorse Donald Bullers because he has refreshingly presented as a “BULLers” of energy with a tireless work ethic, ever-positive attitude, and seems to have ELA in his blood. Additionally, Ryan from Starfish Labs has been a solid contributor to the Elastos ecosystem for years, bringing forward ideas and a helpful, knowledgeable voice for the community.
8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

 As the Strawberry Council is “derived from the community, for the community,” we believe it is imperative that if elected for a second term, we more assertively support the longstanding community sentiment of improving marketing and increasing top-tier exchange listings.


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