We have some more details on Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) for everyone, and remember that CRC no longer refers to the Council.

CRC will be the primary channel for the Elastos community to raise suggestions and ultimately take part in affecting the allocation of Cyber Republic funds.

We encourage everyone to visit the Suggestions page and upvote/downvote ideas on a regular basis.
In general any complaints the community has about the direction of Elastos can be addressed by voting and suggesting initiatives that address them. For example, if a community member has contacts at a number of organizations with whom he/she believes Elastos should explore partnerships, he/she can create a suggestion to incite action.

Good suggestions and capable teams can accumulate significant likes from the community to the extent that they will be noticed by a council member. More details on this process will be provided at the end of this post.

Suggestions Launch

On https://www.cyberrepublic.org you can now find the new Suggestions feature, Suggestions are the prelude to Proposals. Although there is no defined pathway for suggestions to become proposals, we anticipate that the most popular suggestions will be picked up by active council members.

In the CRC workflow it is the responsibility of council members to champion suggestions they deem promising and draw on the various resources of the Secretariat Team that include legal, technical and marketing advisers to create a formal proposal that other council members can vote on.

New Details – CRC Workflow

Some key updates we’d like to highlight (subject to change until elections):
The Secretariat Team consists of advisors in various fields such as Legal, Technical, Business, Marketing and others. Their role is to be at the disposal of council members and help create proposals that are more likely to pass council and community voting.
The Council Voting period on a Proposal is 7 days. If the proposal passes, there is a 24 hour translation period to prepare versions in the major languages. Initially, the major languages will only be English and Chinese. Once the translations are released, the community has 3 days to reject the proposal.
A suggestion can propose a company, team or person to execute the proposal, in which case there will be no Tender/Bid process. Whether to use the suggested team is at the council member’s discretion. The Secretariat Team and Advisors will ensure the proposal is properly executed according to the related process.

CRcles & Empower 35

The new process for the community to contribute to the Elastos Ecosystem will also be through the Cyber Republic Consensus and Suggestions.


Any previous members in CRcles should try to form teams around leaders and ideas they agree upon. For example, a team of marketers and professionals from the Marketing and Design CRcles with a great marketing idea can form a team and create a suggestion requesting they be the ones to execute it. A strong suggestion should be comprehensive and demonstrate proper foresight, which may require a team with members of multiple disciplines. We hope that the best teams and ideas are created as suggestions and the forums are used effectively to recruit and organize teams.

The CR website will also be more streamlined to facilitate this process. We look forward to better forum and website integration between teams, suggestions and recruitment.


The Secretariat needs a variety of talented people, including but not limited to advisors in technical, business, investment area, but also a team to execute proposals and daily opertation of CRC. For capable individuals looking for a more permanent position in Cyber Republic, position at the Secretariat Team should be targeted. The job of advisors on the Secretariat Team is to help council members conduct necessary due diligence and prepare thorough proposals for voting.

We believe that all proposals must have objective goals and funding attached to milestones and final deliverables. The Secretariat Team will be accountable for defining such metrics as well as following up on the execution of a proposal from start to completion.


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