• Nationality: French & Turkish
  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Independent developer

Why do you want to be on the CR Council?

Being on the CR Council represents more than just having a right to vote for proposals. We are talking about a completely new and decentralized governance system that will play a big role in the development of the Elastos project and Blockchain technology in general. I believe that the CR Council has a power that cannot be denied and it should be used to further progress the domain. Therefore, I would like to take part in the team that is going to shape the future of Elastos and provide all necessary input to make this happen.

What qualifies you to be on the CR Council?

I am a longtime developer and have been involved in several other Blockchain related projects. My main focus is developing mobile apps for Blockchain projects. I believe that the mass adoption we are all dreaming about will happen via mobile platforms. Therefore, I am putting all my energy to create useful mobile Dapps that people will use in their daily lives without the need of knowing anything about Blockchain technology. We have an amazing technology at Elastos; now it’s show time!

What contributions have you already shown to the CR?

I am the lead developer of the Elastos Unity project. I wrote the proposal last year and it was accepted by the Council. Therefore, I already have some experience on writing proposals and communicating with the CR and the PM that was assigned to our project. Elastos Unity puts the foundation to help developers bring Elastos to their existing (or new) apps. In addition, I recently started working on Elabox, a small plug-and-play solution to run your own Elastos full node at home. This little machine will help strengthen the network and spread the word about Elastos. In addition to being a full Elastos node, the Elabox will also run the DID and Token sidechain as well as the Carrier network. Users will then be able to use their own nodes in every app connecting to the Blockchain without the need to trust any other third party service.

Please give us a short statement that represents your future vision for the Cyber Republic, and how you plan to champion that vision by joining the CR Council.

With the Cyber Republic elected council members we will reach a new era for the future of DAOs. With the power the CR has we can shape the future of Elastos and the Blockchain technology in general. To make this happen we need to bring more developers to the project. For that purpose, I would like to put the emphasis on the Proposals section of the CR that I believe still remains quite unknown outside of our own community. By letting people know about the Proposals section we will attract more active developers to the project. In addition, I would like to propose research grants for the development of Elastos at the academic level. If we want to reach a point where states are using Elastos, we have to be present in the academic world as well. One can think of a PhD grant in collaboration with a well known University.



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