Name: Chris M

Nationality: British/Australian

Age: 47

Profession: Full-time Orchard member; former Colonel Army Media & Communications at British Army. Also published author and innovator.  

Twitter: @ChrisMacCrypto

Name: Jochem H

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 36

Profession: Educator & Marketer specialized on Decentralized Business models

Twitter: @SecureSmartWeb

Name: Sash M

Nationality: British/Canadian

Age: 27

Profession: Experienced VR/AR/VFX Lead, Diploma in the Blockchain Strategy Programme, Oxford Said Business school

Twitter: @elastos_sash

Elastos Orchard Trinity

Why do you want to be on the CR Council?

Chris, Jochem, and Sash share Rong’s vision for a better, fairer world in which the internet is modernised and de-monopolised. The internet is broken, and attempts to protect individual rights and intellectual property do not address the root cause.  We believe the solution is held within ElastOS, the Cyber Republic, and the creation of new, smart DApps. Together, as Orchard, we can support the community, promote Elastos to the world, and provide clear direction within a global, inclusive, and ethical approach.  

We decided to run for a council position as a team. The Cyber Republic represents many regions globally, and we expect ElastOS to gain much traction in 2020. By combining our knowledge, skills, and experience, we offer a broad perspective, better decision-making, confidence in shared responsibility, and deep resilience.  As three in one, we will be able to support Elastos, the Cyber Republic community, and consensus, better.

We want to see incredible ideas and DApps flourish within the Elastos ecosystem. The fundamental importance of encouraging development on Elastos with the right guidance is the core of what we set out to achieve by playing a key part in the Cyber Republic Council.

What qualifies you to be on the CR Council?

We are a team of mixed skills. 

Chris is currently a Colonel in the British Army and an expert in influence, communications, and behavioural change. He has 24 years of leadership experience from small special teams to Regimental Command.  In the last 5 years, he has worked to optimise high performance and innovation cultures, audit and assure policy compliance, expose the rise of mis-information and fake news, and increase communications capacity and capability.  He is an excellent and respected public speaker and has given keynotes on Innovation, Cyber Security, Communications, and the new Internet. His ingenuity, integrity, extensive multi-domain network and his drive to accelerate the adoption of Elastos is of great value to the community.  Chris will retire from the Army after 25 years in 2020 to work full-time in support of the new smart web and ElastOS. 

Jochem manages a team of academics, lecturers and researchers with a focus on the creative industries. He also co-developed an education course around the ideas of decentralization and decentralized business models. His knowledge of how to make decentralization work in a practical sense, with and without blockchain, will help ensure that only the most promising proposals are voted-in.

Sash is a strong project manager with many years of experience in the creative industries. He has successful experience working with diverse personalities and delivering on demanding contracts for Universal, Netflix, MGM, Disney, Warner Brothers, HBO, Amazon Studios, and FOX. Communication, empathy, a strong-willed drive and the ability to say no when appropriate make up his strengths. He knows the pain points that Elastos solves firsthand as he deals with it every day. Sash created, has managed CR funds, and has worked to deliver previous Orchard CR proposals with members of the Elastos community.  Sash has a diploma in Blockchain Strategy from the Oxford Said Business School, certificates in Blockchain for Business from the Linux Foundation and The Venture Capital Programme from RWTH Aachen University. 

Kiran Pachhai (KP) acts as our Strategic Technical Advisor, ensuring that we will be able to make the right decisions on the most complicated technical proposals.

Brian (DMA) has been a long time friend of Orchard and has agreed on acting as the strategic advisor for the China region. Our expertise primarily covers western countries and we are therefore glad that with Brian’s strategic advice, we will be able to make better judgements for the Chinese community’s suggestions.

We also have a network of people we worked with in the recent past who will be able to help us understand the Russian, Spanish & Latin American, Dutch, French, and German markets.

What contributions have you already shown to the CR?

We are all core Elastos Orchard members, and in that role we have achieved the following:

– Brought Rong to the UNESCO Blockchain conference where Elastos was represented

– Started ERMP late 2018, credits also go to Brian and DMA

– Played an important (community/volunteering) role at the Smart Music Pilot which will be launched early 2020. Credits also go to Brian & DMA.

– Presented ElastOS and the SmartMusic projects to several NL-based Ambassadors and  EU-lawmakers at the “future of the internet” conference of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Next to the above we established connections with the following key UK and EU parties:

– The UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain

– The Security Group of the NATO Information and Communications conference in Warsaw

– The Head of Innovations of the NATO StratComms Centre of excellence in Riga; Orchard has been invited to NATOs innovation and tech display in June 2020.

– The UK-China Catalyst through Mr. Ken Dytor and Ding Ding. 

– The ISC(2) Cyber and Information Security, London, Chapter.

– The Social Media in Defence conference in London.

– Lisk Blockchain center in the Netherlands.

– A suggestion has been raised to attend the Blockchain EXPO Global in London, in March 2020.



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