Joel, please introduce yourself. Is there anything you’d like to share with the community?

Hi, I am Joel from Hong Kong. I studied biology in my undergraduate studies and am now working in a local NGO. I have diverse interests and one of them is reading technology news. I am very happy to have found a project like Elastos, and I am glad that that my ability in both Chinese and English enables me to do some translation work for the project.

What is your role with the CR Weekly Newsletter? How did you get involved?

I have been working for CR Weekly Newsletter since its first issue.  I focus on gathering news from Chinese community and I write articles on it. At times I conduct interviews with community members in Chinese and translate them into English for international readers. I am also one of the CR translation team members and I translate the CR Weekly to Chinese with my teammates every week.

How did you first learn about Elastos? When did you first get into crypto?

I first learnt about crypto when I read a financial magazine talking about Blockchain technology in early 2017. After learning its concepts, I have a feeling that it’s something inevitable in the future. I looked over quite a few projects and invested in them. However, when I took a closer look of the projects, I found that many of them were nothing more than a piece of white paper and promised some future that can never be achieved. I came to Elastos after I did my research. I like the scope of the project as it really helps to solve the problem that everyone is facing. I was also amazed by the progress that the Elastos team has been making throughout the years and the technology is so solid. I became an investor of the project, and later, I wanted to contribute since it was something meaningful I could do.

There are lots of changes happening with Elastos and Cyber Republic, what are you most excited about?

I like reading the Elastos Update every week. The technical progress assures me that we are getting closer and closer to the realization of the new internet. I think the most important thing is to attract developers, partnerships, and business. Therefore, whenever there are new proposals getting passed by the Council, I feel excited as I see more initiatives by the community are underway that will surely help build a robust ecosystem. I am very happy to see that React Native and HyperConnect have passed and looking forward to Elastos Orchard to be the third one.

You stay in contact with the Chinese Community.  What would you like to share with the Western community about their passion and commitment?

Members of the Chinese community are practical. For those who make contributions to the ecosystem, they usually do it before advertising it. Currently, however, I haven’t seen many Chinese initiatives posted on CR Forum and CR Suggestions. The use of these platforms for building ecosystem should be encouraged since there are many talents in the Chinese community (as well as international), and they can get constructive feedback and even get funded for building their projects. The language barrier is still something that hinder the fusion of Chinese and Western communities. Many of them recognize Elastos but are not familiar with CR. I am sure that the situation will improve with some functions like instant translation in place.

If there was any constructive criticism you could give to Elastos or the Cyber Republic,  what would it be?

In view of the tight schedule that the team is chasing, I think they have tried their best to listen to the community and tak feedback. However, I think there is still room for improvement for communication between the team and the community. I was enlightened by Feng Zhang, one of the Interim Council members, who utilizes the CR Forum very frequently. His opinion, as well as mine, is that CR Forum is an ideal place to conduct rational discussions on EVERY topic, as threads will not get lost and people can deliberate before initiating a topic or giving feedback to others. I would love to see both the team and community visit there and discuss with each other more frequently.

The DPoS Elections are underway, how do you feel about the pool of candidates and the whole process?

I am excited about the DPoS election as it marks a milestone when community representatives are in place for consensus. It also encourages communication among community members in different geographical locations and of different cultures. I would like to see more time for the community to discuss every aspect regarding the election. For everyone who would like to be a node or just be a voter, it is good to learn about the election itself and the participants. Since the election is an ongoing process, we can always improve any time!

Any hobbies or activities you like doing in your spare time?

I like reading. Recently, I have started learning to cook when I have spare time. What a challenge!

Anything else you’d like to share with the community regarding Elastos or the Cyber Republic?

I remembered that there was a reddit post discussing the potential reasons that could lead to the failure of Elastos. My answer to that post was the grand voyage of the Cyber Republic. It is indeed a social experiment. If it succeeds, it makes history; if it fails, it’s because it is an attempt that is too huge to be manageable. However, we are not onlookers to the process; we can all participate in the process and make history. Go to the CR Forum to give your valuable opinion!


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