The CR News and Social Media team has been working hard to constantly improve the content we provide. We’ve added a number of things to our website, which we want to be sure to mention, and we’ve a few major announcements.

First, CR Press will be releasing our Updates on a Biweekly basis moving forward.  This will give us a chance to increase content in other areas and devote more energy to building a wider audience.  With that change, we will be releasing articles on our website first, and we will use the new Biweekly Updates to consolidate the most popular articles and summarize important events.  This will also help us in our resource management.

On the topic of resource management, we’ve just released a new page on our website–a Sponsorship Opportunity page both for Individuals and Supernodes.  You can show your support of the ecosystem by helping us fund new projects and ambitions. We’ve fully disclosed our funding and our operations and why we are seeking additional funds on our website.  Read our statement here:

CR Press Sponsors are high-value partners of the Cyber Republic Ecosystem.  The CR Press Team is committed to delivering to readers the highest quality News and Education, the shared influence–the impact of CR Press and Sponsors–will be felt throughout the globe.

Our team built this model of funding to describe exactly what the Cyber Republic community is to Elastos; the People and Supernodes of Cyber Republic are champions and fortresses of the New Internet.  We defend the people, conquer new technologies, and govern wisely through consensus.

Your votes, donations, and node rewards are what will keep our team focused on what is most important: tilling the fields and planting the seeds for a Digital Eden.

We thank you for your support,

The CR Press Team

Please be aware that in line with our mission statement, regardless of donation size, we will remain objective and unbiased in our reporting.

From top to bottom, the levels of Sponsorships that are available to Supernodes are: CR Palaces, CR Citadels, CR Keeps, CR Forts and CR Towers.

For individuals, the levels are:  CR Royalty, CR Barons, CR Knights, CR Soldiers and CR Citizens.

With this Sponsorship Page, we’re thrilled to announce that our first CR Palace sponsor is Sunny Feng Han, Co-Founder of Elastos, and founder of Manhattan Project.  

Sunny has generously offered to sponsor our team a Supernode.  In line with full transparency, our agreement is that Sunny will receive the Supernode Sponsorship Benefits as listed on our website, and in return, Sunny has registered a Supernode on our behalf.  The 5,000 ELA remains his, but the CR Press team will run the hardware, voting campaigns, and manage the rewards.

Every single project within Elastos benefits directly from our efforts, and we believe that partnering directly with individuals and CR ecosystem partners will help unify the community’s commitment to CR.  We hope that even if you cannot donate to us directly, consider voting for our Sponsored Supernode to show your appreciation for our work and efforts. It is registered under the name: “Cyber Republic Press CR????”

(We have not solidified our Supernode Voter Rewards yet, but it will be comparable to other Supernode Voter Rewards).

Visit the Sponsorship Opportunity pages here, and be sure to read the FAQ that discusses our funding and our efforts, as well as answering the questions that may be on your mind:



As for our website, along with a wave of news and information published, we’ve added a notifications system, a plugin for translations, a search function and a way to directly comment on articles.  We are currently building a page to accept submissions and opinions for the community to submit their own articles. Look forward to this, soon!


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