Cyber Republic Launches CR Regions

Cyber Republic is pleased to announce the rollout of its global Regional Community Initiative: CR Regions. The Regional Community Initiative sets out to propagate and expand the Elastos community and developer body by engaging region-specific communities and coworking spaces. Over the last year, the Elastos team has traveled across the world hosting meetups, building relationships, and networking with a host of different blockchain ventures, projects, and communities, universities, and hackathons across Asia, Europe, and North America. The team has also played host to a global array of Elastos Meetups – both local and virtual. At this stage, it is imperative that Cyber Republic build a global network that parallels the grand scale and vision of Elastos as the team does not have the numbers to advance our vision alone. Elastos is starting to pass the baton to our network of bold community leaders to build out the Elastos community in their respective regions.

We have identified a number of advantages in engaging and supporting regional blockchain organizations and coworking communities. For one, locally sourced teams are especially valuable because they possess an intimate knowledge of and experience with the culture and business landscape of their respective regions. Additionally, we have found powerful synergies in partnering with blockchain communities and co-working spaces because they have access to established developer communities. Because Elastos has an Ethereum Smart Contract-compatible Sidechain, we are also experimenting with brand visibility by co-hosting Ethereum hackathons and eventually hosting our own hackathons. Enabling Ethereum DApps to be ported to the Elastos ecosystem will open the doors to a broader range of developers as well. Already, we have identified more than a dozen potent, region-specific communities, some of which have already begun to plan and promote Elastos. It is our hope that, with a global network of regional CR branches supported by ambitious teams and carefully managed resources, we can jumpstart a course of exponential community growth.

In the coming months, each community will submit a proposal to the CR Suggestions Page on its own behalf. Suggestions should provide thorough detail, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), funding requirements, and community growth strategies tailored to their respective regions. Funding will be allocated for specific growth targets and will only be disbursed when those milestones are met. Communities will share the long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient by offering paid training, conducting business development, and fundraising through sponsorships and partnerships. In the near term,  Cyber Republic and the broader community will serve as the funding source for projects. We will depend on our community to support and upvote funding proposals on the CR Suggestions page and make their voices heard to the council. As funding plays an integral role in community formation and growth, Cyber Republic’s Suggestion and Proposal process will play a major role in distributing and allocating funds to worthy projects; we implore our community members to engage in this process and contribute well-informed opinions.

Primary Goals and Areas of Focus

  • Brand Recognition:

? In order to build our brand, we have committed to consistent and professional use of the Elastos logo, especially in association with other top-tier DApp platforms like Ethereum. For more information on our Brand.

  • Marketing, Community Growth, and Business Development:

? It is our vision that each community will take the initiative to become a hub for Business Development in its region. Each community is expected to engage its network and explore further opportunities to create synergies. This mindset is imperative to achieve the ambitious goals we will set with each region.

  • Autonomy and Independence:

? In the near-term, communities will secure funding from the CRC (Cyber Republic Consensus). The Cyber Republic workflow requires the  creation and pitching of Suggestions to a community vote and CRC board. Each community is encouraged to develop innovative and efficient fund management strategies and the community will judge their results accordingly. Detailed information on the Cyber Republic workflow is available [HERE].

? The long-term focus for each community is to become financially self-sufficient by leveraging sponsorships, partnerships, and event-related opportunities.

Communities In Progress

Advanced talks are already in progress with 15 communities across 13 countries. Already, communities have begun exploring growth opportunities and an inter-community channel has been established to connect the various leaders and exchange ideas. Each community will be listed on the Cyber Republic website along with background information detailing location, team members,  goals, and performance outcomes. We hope their collective example will pave the way for additional Cyber Republic community members to erect new global communities that build strong, diverse, and expansive networks. Below are some of the budding communities that are in the process of promoting Elastos and preparing their proposals for Cyber Republic.


Bitwork Logo

Bitwork – Hong Kong 

Bitwork has established blockchain communities in Hong Kong, thus attaining a significant position in the local blockchain industry. Bitwork offers a coworking space and nationally certified blockchain training courses and hosts an impressive number of blockchain activities.

View their proposal at:

Bitwork is located in a modern office building with a total area of nearly 10,000 square feet. The organization holds many workshops and blockchain courses to promote blockchain technology to the public and developers in Hong Kong. They will also work with the Cyber Republic community to arrange a suitable training course for developers in Hong Kong.

As the first CR Regional Community, the first community milestone shared between Bitwork and Elastos will be called the “Pilot” project. Bitwork is focused on paving the way for other projects by establishing meaningful baseline KPIs and following through with proper action steps.

Elastos and Cyber Republic are already featured prominently on their wall in Hong Kong where Clarence Liu, VP of Business Development at the Elastos Foundation, visited earlier this year. Already, a flyer has been prepared for distribution at the co-working space

Bitwork’s Initial goals:

  • Blockchain Accelerator

In addition to helping corporations understand blockchain development, Bitwork will provide various blockchain services. The project will lead and incentivize businesses to adopt blockchain technology – including the suite of technologies offered by Elastos – and propel corporate innovation.

  • Blockchain Marketing Consultation

Bitwork has very strong connections in Asia. Its team arranges different events to attract projects, users, developers, and investors from all over the world. Bitwork has connected with local and global crypto-media alike to promote the latest trends and news for its communities. Bitwork will also develop a marketing strategy to promote Elastos throughout its network.

  • Elastos DPoS Supernode

Bitwork plans to run a DPoS supernode and use its rewards to support its community and potentially fund hackathons, events, and promotions.


Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) – Los Angeles – USA

A university alliance of five board institutions including UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara), UCLA (Los Angeles), USC (Southern California), UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), and UCI (University of California, Irvine). Though not on the board, other universities involved as well: UC Davis, UC San Diego and CalTech.

As BAF ramps up, Elastos will be a strong supporter of blockchain education in southern California. Their first event will be at ICS Week at the University of California from May 14-16 where they will host a workshop and booth for students.

BAF also has strong political, academic, and business connections, which they will leverage to explore new opportunities to employ Elastos in the local economy and spread word of its goals throughout the region.

Elastos Orchard

Orchard is a European team composed of six highly qualified professionals with experience in venture capital, artificial intelligence, sales and manufacturing, strategic project management, process innovation, and academia. The team is committed to connecting with and onboarding organizations and industry leaders to the Elastos platform. Having extensive experience in business and academic environments across Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, Elastos Orchard will be focused on building out the Elastos ecosystem in the European region.

The team has already helped facilitate Rong Chen’s invitation to the UNESCO blockchain event on May 17 in Paris.

Elastos Philippines

The Elastos Philippines community has been one of the most active, with near monthly attendance at events, hackathon teams, and booth-hosting at a variety of blockchain events. It also boasts great exposure to developers, students, and businesses. A few potential partnerships that have already spawned from the Philippines are very noteworthy and may be announced in the near future.

Here is just a small sample of the grassroots events that the Elastos Philippines team has been up to recently.

? DISH 2019 Hackathon – April 2019

? Blockchain Events at FEU Institute of Technology, Universidad de Manila, University of the Philippines Diliman, Accler8 and More

View their proposal at:

Elastos India

Collaborating with Mohit Mamoria – Managing Partner of Authorito Capital and a student volunteer, Elastos has found many potent blockchain communities interested in working together. Elastos India is already talking to Blockchained India, Koinfox, TechStars, and IncubateIN. Co-working spaces have also offered their venues for no cost, including Innov8, 91Springboard, WeWork and Coworks.

Elastos x Fomohunt

Digital Lawrence and have expressed a strong interest in showcasing Elastos across the world, including New York Blockchain Week, Ethereal Summit, Singapore Consensus, and more. Furthermore, Fomohunt will be hosting regular meetups and hackathons in June 2019 and collaborating to co-sponsor alongside Elastos and other great projects. This virtual community will be focused on the east coast of the United States but will also have an impact in SE Asia, Colombia, and Europe.

View their proposal at:

Other Communities

Other communities with whom Elastos has already engaged in advanced talks are located in the Eastern United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Africa. Stay up to date with news and exciting developments  involving these communities as they prepare their proposals for Cyber Republic!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Evaluation Criteria

To allow CR to accurately judge performance and compare various regional communities, each CR Suggestion will be evaluated with a set of baseline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In addition to baseline metrics, each regional community has the freedom to implement unique, creative initiatives which it may include in its proposal as well.

Our primary KPI of interest involves a series of conversion rates that focus on lead acquisitions to dApp projects and the total number of users added to the ecosystem. This data will be further broken down by cohorts, time intervals, and milestones in the Elastos ecosystem to optimally compare the effects of specific strategic decisions.

For more information on rules and requirements, detailed requirements are available [HERE].

We Need the Community’s Support!

We have heard the call for marketing and business development initiatives loud and clear. By engaging region-specific communities, we can together foster the global community expansion that Elastos needs. Through diligent, localized efforts, we will gain momentum and build the network required to position Elastos to receive the attention of a global audience. As ambitious communities come forward and present detailed proposals, we are confident they will be welcomed and supported. With upstanding leaders and passionate engagement from the community, the global community’s proposals will reach the Cyber Republic Council and earn the funding they need to affect change.

Interested in Starting a Regional Community?

If you know any individuals or organizations that are interested in joining our Regional Community Initiative, please share the email as a point of contact.


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