Sunday, January 17, 2021

Crypto Domain Names Hit Elastos by Storm


 By Jeremy G


Domains have been a hit in the Elastos community. Cryptoname, the domain name and multi-wallet address management tool created by Elephant Wallet has sold more than one thousand cryptonames since its launch.


CR’s ETH Task force created an Ethereum ENS ‘.ela’ extension and started selling these domain names a few weeks ago. But what are the differences between the .ela and Cryptoname domain names? 



Cryptoname is a versatile domain that links your crypto addresses to one simple name. Each user’s cryptoname is tied to a compatible DID, BTC, ERC20, ELA wallet, web address, and email. If someone has, for instance, as their domain address, then a sender can type the name ‘john’ in the Elaphant wallet’s ‘to’ field and it will auto populate the correct corresponding crypto address. 


There are three levels of Cryptonames: Platinum (2 or less letters), Golden (3 letters), and Silver (4 or more letters). Platinum names will be auctioned off, Goldens are sold at 10 ela, and Silver names cost 2 ela. Each has an annual renewal fee. Anyone can buy or sell their respective Crytoname on DMA’s marketplace, ‘OnSale’. Cryptoname’s ‘.name’ web extension is a regular DNS domain name. 



In early July, Harry Liu of CR’s ETH Task Force wrote a blog laying out his new website ElaNS where you can purchase a .ela domain name. Domains start at 2 ela and use an ‘increase-decrease model’ based on the amount already sold. 


.ela is an ENS or Ethereum Name Service name extension based on the Elastos Blockchain. 

“Like DNS, ELaNS operates on a system of hierarchical names called domains, with the owner of the domain having full control over the allocation of subdomains”.


Smart contracts are built into each .ela domain to register, store, and translate addresses through the Registrar, Registry, Resolvers, and Reverse Resolution, as explained in the About page.


.ela addresses can only store ETHEla addresses which are ETH sidechain Ela addresses, meaning that it’s not ETH mainchain or Ela mainchain addresses.



So what’s the difference?


The .name is a Top level Domain or TLD which is a regular DNS. This domain name extension is officially registered under ICANN,  the official company that maintains all DNS records and sets standards, making it centralized.


Conversely, the .ela ENS domain is decentralized with control given to users and smart contracts. Since ENS domains are not officially recognized by ICANN, Opera and Brave are the only browsers that support .eth or .ela extensions.


Elastos community members have instant integration with their Cryptoname domain in the Elephant Wallet. Type in someone’s name and send out ELA. 


ElaNS gives promise for a future decentralized domain which can be truly owned and operated by its owner without any centralized authority. 


Both solutions solve the issue of wallet addresses being unreadable to humans. 


Cryptoname has an easy to use guide to register, buy, sell, and transfer a domain name. CRC member Michael S did a comprehensive video detailing the whole process. 

And, check out the ELaNS website to buy and set up your .ela domain today!


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