Wednesday, January 27, 2021

CryptoMail Press Release

By Jeremy G

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Elastos Domain Service CryptoName has added a
new service called “CryptoMail”. CryptoMail is an email forwarding service which allows users to forward up to 100 messages a month from their regular email to CryptoMail for free. 

In order to activate a CryptoMail account, simply register on Fill in your CryptoName and email, and click save. Once saved, the user will receive an email from CryptoMail (check spam folder). If successfully registered, users can access their forwarded emails via their business card on the CryptoName website. 

CryptoMail serves as a decentralized email testbed for the CryptoName team with a final goal to be a fully decentralized email service. As stated in their most recent tweet, CryptoName is now integrated with eight different services/platforms: CryptoMail, Elephant Wallet, ELA Wallet, Elastos Block Explorer, Elastos Web Wallet, Elastos Light Wallet, OnSale, and ELA Messenger. 

Follow CryptoName on Twitter @CryptoNameOrg for all their latest updates and news. 

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