Cyber Republic Collaborates with Riwigo

By Jeremy

Cyber Republic is proud to announce their collaboration with Riwigo, an Asia-Pacific wellness organization. Riwigo aspires to create a global standard and overall ecosystem for healthcare and wellness data. Their goal is to have built-in privacy and proven authentication through Distributed Ledger Technologies. 

Riwigo will be deploying a Proof of Concept dApp on the Elastos-Ethereum (ELA-ETH) sidechain utilizing the Elastos Carrier to build a decentralized governance model to standardize and manage private user health data. Health providers will be able to create reports by selecting data points from a decentralized index and publish on the ELA-ETH sidechain. The report’s raw data can also be saved to the patient’s personal cloud storage through the Carrier. Furthermore the report’s hash can be saved on the blockchain in a smart contract with the metadata of the provider. 

The Elastos-ETH sidechain and DPoS infrastructure allows Riwigo to meet their technical requirements without adopting any complex Layer-2 solutions. Riwigo is proud to be one of the first projects to potentially trial a dedicated ETH-sidechain which achieves 400+ transactions per second for a single dApp platform. 

About Riwigo

Riwigo is one of the leading comprehensive wellness platform with web and mobile apps for customers, merchants, and staff. Introduced in Thailand, Riwigo has expanded through the Asia-Pacific region, an industry that’s grossed $26.5 billion of sales in 2017. Over 500 partnerships with service providers are already in place for the organization. Riwigo solves challenges for suppliers and customers with its easy to use and technologically advanced technology and app.

How does Riwigo work? In short, the application enables the user to better understand their state of health. The user will be able to receive a consultation through the app with a complete diagnosis including wellness recommendations in a personalized manner through A.I. technology. Riwigo is interconnected between service providers, merchants, colleges and universities, and hospitals; it pools together a vast amount of data and information in a curated e-commerce marketplace for the consumer.

Riwigo solves a plethora of problems for consumers and merchants in the global wellness sector. The platform increases off-peak traffic and manages on-peak traffic for businesses, leading to higher revenue. Riwigo also connects customers with service providers via time-based discounts. The Riwigo booking engine is uniquely designed, developed, and implemented for the wellness industry based on three years of rigorous software development. Customers, staff members, doctors, and therapists benefit from a multitude of services that save time and improve overall productivity and wellness. 

Riwigo plans to become a major leader in the $4.2 trillion global wellness industry. With the help of Cyber Republic and Riwigo’s expansive list of global partners, Riwigo is well on their way to the top.


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