Kiran Pachhai of Elastos and Tuum Tuch has released a new Elastos Developer Update video.

  • iOS title bars are now customizable in apps.
  • elastOS will have a global carrier ID that provides notifications within the elastOS ecosystem.
  • and currently support DID barscan login.
  • Demo dApps is where developers can test bugs in dApps. 
  • DID Deactivation development is in progress. Users will have the ability to authorize a 3rd party to deactivate their DID.

  • Hive++ is an upgrade to the already released Hiv. Users can choose to store all their data from elastOS into their own “Vault”, a personal cloud drive. A Hive ++ demo could be ready in the next few months. Hive++, however, is a huge undertaking that will take some time to be built out. 
  • Users can send messages offline and can add friends when offline due to some new Carrier updates and upgrades. Feeds dApp, the decentralized Telegram/Twitter has been upgraded. Feeds uses Carrier, DID, and also Vault in future. 
  • All Supernode operators must update their DPoS nodes to 5.0. After June 10, once CRC goes live, blocks will be invalid if the Supernode doesn’t upgrade.
  • ETH Sidechain, which is currently Proof of Authority, will be changed to DPoS. Supernodes other than the 12 CRC nodes can participate in validating the ETH Side Chain. 
  • Elastos Wallet received CRC node updates leading up to the elections. 
  • TUUM is planning a webinar in June for external developers. The general idea is to train ionic developers to code with elastOS. KP mentions an option for developers to create a DID login solution without building a dApp on elastOS. 
  • Vouch dApp, a KYC solution, plans for an end of June release. 
  • Assist dApp will have a demo in the next week or two. Both dApps are currently in development.

  • Academy dApp created an online carrier node which will be always running. This node will handle creation of groups in Academy. The lobby is where everyone can talk to each other in a group chat setting. 
  • Guild will be a setting where all the guilds can chat with each other, within their respective groups. 
  • Academy dApp has also implemented a “Challenge a friend feature”. This feature will allow users to challenge friends in games within the Academy dApp. In the future, Academy dApp will utilize in-game coins to purchase items and utilize Ethereum smart contracts to provide a marketplace. 

Be sure to follow CR Press and vote for the CR Press Supernode as we rely 100% on the generosity of our community to create content. Stay tuned for the next Elastos Developer Update video from KP and TUUM Tech. 



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