Edited and Summarized by Jeremy G.


DMA, the Decentralized Marketing arm of the Elastos ecosystem, has introduced a token liquidity mining program launched on their own Supernode.

The original announcement can be found here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/RQUA35QDLBPGReVizZNENw


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In the past year DMA project has achieved a handful of useful dApps in the Elastos ecosystem including:

  • CHOOSIT- A decentralized e-commerce platform
  • Uptick- A decentralized e-ticketing platform
  • GreenPass- A decentralized Covid-19 data tracking dApp
  • OnSale- NFT digital asset trading market 

DMA team has now introduced a new program for all of its Supernode supporters. Currently voters of the DMA Supernode earn 75% of its rewards (total node income – node operation and maintenance costs). 

Voters will earn DMA tokens in addition to their normal ELA rewards. 

What is DMA token? DMA token is a “mixed fee and governance token of the DMA ecological system in Elastos”. The token will be minted in a fixed amount on the ELA-ETH sidechain. DMA tokens will be distributed to liquidity mining participants with the current rate being 1 DMA = 0.001 ELA. 

Use cases for the DMA Token include:

  • Periodic airdrops to DMA token holders
  • Right to participate in voting on important matters in DMA community
  • Use as gas fee and special voucher 
  • DMA tokens can be bought back with ELA and then burned

Start earning DMA tokens by becoming a voter for the Elastos DMA Supernode. Approximately 160,000 DMA tokens will be distributed to voters every week. After voting for the DMA Supernode the voter must set their ELA-ETH sidechain wallet address in order to receive the DMA token. Here is the website to set up the ELA-ETH sidechain address. 

Download the Loy Token or Metamask Wallet in order to organize your DMA and other ELA-ETH tokens. Stay tuned for more DMA token promotions from the team in the future. The DMA team encourages Elastos community members to accumulate DMA tokens in order to best position themselves in gaining benefits and rights in the future DMA ecosystem. 



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