By Jeremy G.

What is WeFilmchain and what are its goals for the future?

The three main pillars we are built on are:

1) a decentralized, secure, and scalable content distribution network.

2) a marketplace to buy and sell video content.

3) incentives where consumers, content creators, and advertisers are motivated to join and prosper within the ecosystem.

Please introduce the team members. How did you all meet? Which companies have you worked with in the past?

Please see the website:

How did the idea of WeFilmchain come about?

A catalyst was when Michael Shi invested in a WWII feature film called, “Beyond the Line”, directed by Jason Mills. Garnet Campbell was one of the producers on that film. A team quickly formed to explore solutions that blockchain could bring to various financing problems encountered in the film Industry. The first ideas were put into action almost immediately and the team grew.  Eventually, the team connected with Han Feng of Elastos at a blockchain conference that he was attending in Vancouver, Canada.

You are currently working on a new whitepaper? When will this be ready for the community to read? Can you speak on the teams roadmap for 2019 and specific milestones you are trying to achieve? When does the team expect WeFilmchain’s MVP for video content distribution and transaction to be fully released?

We are focused on streaming video over the Elastos carrier signal. It’s in early stages, We will be giving more specific timetables and milestones as advances are made in the Ecosystem.

How does WeFilmchain plan on competing with the many blockchain projects focused on film and media. What makes WeFilmchain unique? How are you modifying your business model to outdo your competitors in the space?

Competition in this space is huge but we welcome it; competition fuels innovation. In this phase, our heads are down and we are hard at work, but we are keeping an eye on other leaders in the decentralized streaming space.  WeFilmchain is unique in its strong connections to content creators and the filmmaking community in the West, combined with our blockchain development community out of Asia. We have the technical skills to solve complex problems and the storytelling and marketing skills to present them in simple ways to consumers.

What is WeFilmchain’s strategy in providing decentralized media production and distribution channels for small producers?

A key strategic element is in the Elastos Carrier network itself. There is nothing else like it. There is a phrase that goes back to the 70’s that says, “Content is King”. The idea is that without content, we can’t impress people or force them to trust our services. We believe there is a window of opportunity to incentivise creators, viewers, and advertisers in a new way. Our thoughts were influenced by early meetings with Han Feng, Chen Rong, and their thoughts on ‘data ownership’ on the internet.

In the Elastos End of Year Report, under WeFilmchain it is stated, “The project will also work with Elastos implementation to explore the application of copyright protection and digital content trading in film content”. Where is the team in that exploration process regarding copyright protection and digital content trading?

This is a question to be addressed once our MVP is completed.

How do you plan on streaming videos with WeFilmchain? Will they be working with Titan network?

This will be addressed in a longer form technical breakdown from the dev team at a later date. It is our intention to collaborate with them, but at the moment our work is independent.

Does WeFilmchain have or plan to have partnerships outside of Elastos in order to support the project’s goals?

We are always in talks with future partners and working with the growing community. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and you’ll have some hints at them before official announcements are made.

How does WeFilmchain plan on incorporating with the Cyber Republic? Are there any community-focused projects the team will engage the community with?

When the time is right, there will be beta tests with video streaming that we will be wanting to conduct in various geographical regions. We hope to find some volunteers from the community to help with that.


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